Imran Firasat

The readers may remember my recent post, entitled UK Muslim Group Calls for ‘Political Jihad’ against ex-Muslim Imran Firasat, wherein I explained how a U.K.-based Muslim organization, namely Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, was inciting violence against me and promoting what it called “political Jihad” against critics of Islam as well as Western societies. In order not to give any ground for these fanatic foots-soldiers of Muhammad, I pursued the matter in an attempt to put this fanatical violence promoting group to put in its deserving place.

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Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK calls for a new kind of Jihad, namely Political Jihad, against Imran Firasat for petitioning the Spanish government to ban the violent Quran....

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A collection of nice cartoons by Imran Firasat...

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Islamic barbarity knows no limits! An allegedly mentally-ill man in Pakistan was accused of burning pages of the Quran, and a terrorist Muslim mob dragged the accused from police custody, and burnt him to death...

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It's been 7 years I have been trying to help Muslims realize the fact that the prophetic claim of Muhammad was a lie, and that their religion is a violent ideology which was forged by Muhammad. But the journey of those 7 years has been full of obstacles and fire surrounding me. Let me have the opportunity to share my views with you on my long-running war against Islam.

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