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Islam is a faith-based Arab tribal/national organization that gathers for physical drills in the name of prayers. Gathering in the name of God and offering physical drill is not religion, it is rather a military organization.

Muhammad had established Islam, which means surrender, and declared himself prophet (messenger). At that time, clever people often pretended to prophets, who gave messages to their people as per their views of the world and society. Muhammad, likewise, gave messages to the Arabs and established Islam.

In establishing Islam, he instituted a particular system of prayer rituals, i.e. Namaj/salah, as the first pillar of his religion.

What is Namaj? People stand in row, bend, touch forehead to earth while whispering chapter or verses of the Quran, and again they stand. They repeat it. First, they do it for one spell, then gradually increase to four spell. That is the systems of Islamic prayer or Namaj.

For this Namaj, the Arab followers of Prophet Muhammad start gathering at the Prophet's mosque in Medina five times a day. It thus gave rise to an organization. The Quran has placed repeated emphasis on Namaj. The Quran says gather and gather for the prayer, and Allah saves those, who gather. This means, Allah helps only those people, who gather like an organization, under the leadership of Muhammad. Islam, thus, emerged as an organization of the Arabs, and Namaj is the system that helped organize that organization.

At the prayer gathering of the Arab people, Muhammad starts giving sermons on Fridays. Through these sermons, he incited his followers against those, who did not accept Islam and offer Namaj, i.e. the disbeliever or infidels. Thus, violence started against the infidels in Medina. Muhammad give name Jihad, i.e. holy war, to this violence.

Muhammad started giving Azaan to call every Muslim to his mosque to stand together for Namaj, which was nothing but an organized physical drilling. In the process of this physical drilling, he also incited Muslims against the non-believer i.e. non-Muslim through his sermons. As a result of this, the followers of Arabia became like an organized army, under the influence and command of Muhammad, which gave Muhammad success in his ploy.

He asked his Muslim followers to give Jakaat just as the Jews and Christians used to give tithes to their respective religions. He started collecting money in the name of Jakaat and built mosque, purchase weapons, and run his mosque.

Allah was a chief god of the Quaraysh tribe along with other goddess. There are reference of  3 goddesses in the Quran (chapter No.53- the Star, sentence 19-20). These goddess were Al-Lat, Al-Ujja and Al-Manat. Idols of these goddess were placed in the Kaaba temple. It was well-known that these goddesses were daughters of Allah. Once, Muhammad had given Muslims the permission to offer prayers to these goddesses. After that, he suddenly realized that his religion was not monotheistic any more. His followers were also possibly leaving him realizing that his religion was not different from that of their forefathers. As this could threaten his organization, he again banned the idol worship. Note that Namaj is systems of organization and main aspect of namaj is to create crowd.

Today, every mulla or imam emphasizes on the Namaj, and they try to being each and every Muslim to Namaj. After Namaj, they give sermons, and incite and motivate Muslims to do Jihad. This is the violent organization. Namaj is a faith-based physical drill, which Muhammad used for organizing the Arab people and today Mullahs do the same to organize Muslims.

One Muslim youth told me that Islam is an army, Imams are captains and Muslims are soldier. They salute to Allah and prophet by turning their head right and left at the end of every Namaj. The meaning of this is to spread Islam to all over world at the expense of non-Muslims. He further said women are not allowed to fight is Islamic war, so they are banned from entering mosques. They are only like our farm land for producing children. If women allowed in mosque, Islam will become weak and neutral, Islam will unable to fight. Slavery of women is the pillar of Islam. So we cover them. By doing this, they are prevented from raising their head against this system.

There were many prophets in Arabia in those days. But Muhammad got success because of Namaj and Arab nationalism. Muhammad said to his Arab followers that Allah has chosen the Arabs this time, he sent the holy book (Quran) in Arabic, he selected an Arab man (Muhammad) as a prophet, Allah built his home in (Mecca) Arabia, Allah declared Arabs as the great people. Muhammad's associates Abubaqar and Umar were diehard nationalists, and by their effort Islam spread to all over Arabia in few years.

The Quran is a guidance for Muslims. But it was compiled after the death of Muhammad. The Quran is a collection of messages given by Muhammad. Before the compilation, Muslims never knew of the Quran. They just following the messages of Muhammad. Before the Quran appeared, Islam was established, i.e. the Islamic organization was established. It is not a matter whether Muslims read and understand the Quran or not, they turn angry and reacts as soon as they hear instigatory Friday sermons.

Islam is a faith-based Arab tribal/national organization. Those, who believes Islam to be a religion, are ignorant and misguided. Believing in god is not the sole criteria of Dharma or religion. Buddhists never believe in God, but we endorsed them as religion. Terrorist believes in God, can we endorse their faith as religion? Meaning of Dharma/religion is the spiritual and secular progress of human being (Sanskit sentence_-yato abhudayas nisyeyas siddhi). Besides believing in god, there should be spirituality, morality, virtue, and good character etc. Gathering in the name of God and offering physical drill is not a religion, it is rather a military organization.