Muhammad invented Allah, Islamic Prayers and Zakat (Islamic Tax). Omar invented Azaan, Qibla, Hijab, Sharia, and other khalifs published the Quran and Hadis after the death of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s purpose of inventing of Allah and Islamic Prayers was to organize the Arabs against the Jew and Christians. First, Muhammad declared himself a Prophet, and initiated the prayer rituals. He claimed that angel Jibreel came to him and a spring of water gushed out of the rocks in front of him. Jibreel then showed Muhammad how to make ablution, and how to offer prayers to Allah. Muhammad began to pray two Rak’ah (units) twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. He went home and told his wife Khadijah about what he had learnt from Jibreel.

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Every religion has two parts – theory and practice. So does Islam.

The theory part of Islam is: Quran, Hadis and Sira (biography of Muhammad).

The practical part is: Daily 5 times congregational prayers, Friday congregational prayer with sermons, Jihad, Haj (a copycat of pagan Arab idolatry), and implementation of sharia law.

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Muslims fight against Hindus in India, against Buddhist in Myanmar/China, against Christians in Europe, North America and elsewhere. They fight against Jews in Israel. They also fight with each other or within the community in countries where they are the majority. For example, in Pakistan Sunnis have been conducting a bloody war Shias and Ahmadiyahs. There are also Baluch-Pashtun war in Pakistan, Sunni-Kurdi war in Iraq and Turkey, and so on.

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Muslims mock Hinduism's idolism, i.e. its idol-worship. In fact, they also follow idolism as do Hindus, as will be proven below:

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In India, I observe that Christian and Muslims are competing with each other to convert the Hindus into their respective folds. They mock the Hindu religion, particularly its Idolism. They want to become dominant over the Hindus. You can see this is happening all over India.

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