Kaafir Al Hind

Dr. Zakir Naik is a tele-evangelist and apologist of Islam. He is a medical doctor by qualification but he delivers lectures on Islam and comparative religion for making a living. Over a period of time, he gained popularity among the Muslim masses by his ability to quote verse after verse from various religious sources. However, many a times, his utterances have come under scanner and he has been shown to lie confidently. Most prominently Ali Sina exposed his lies by analyzing Dr. Naik’s debate with Dr. William Campbell in 2000. Dar Ul Uloom of Deoband in India has issued an advisory to Muslims not to believe and follow Dr. Naik as ideas and knowledge of Islam are doubtful.

In 2011, Dr. Naik participated in a so-called debate at Oxford Union via satellite link, as he was denied a visa to visit the UK. The video can be viewed here:

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