Ali Sina

After reading Ali Sina's advice, the Hindu man decided to break up with his Muslim girlfriend Sara, but Sara wants his loving boyfriend back and is ready to rethink her religion... with excellent reply to Sara from Ali Sina..

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A Hindu man writes to Ali Sina regarding what he should do with his Muslim girlfriend Sara, who demands him to convert to Islam in order to marry her...

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Turkish police recovered the body of Medine Memi, a 16-year-old girl, who was buried alive by her father and grandfather in an "honor" killing carried out as punishment for talking to boys.

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It's the most ridiculous claim one could ever have made in history...

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To Islamists, there is no scientific discovery, made by the infidels, that is not mentioned in the Quran by Allah, aka Muhammad. Mention of the speed of light in the Quran, Islamists claim, is one such scientific miracle. Dr. Ali Sina's smashes the Islamist rubbish regarding the claim...

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