Ali Sina

How a skeptical and freedom-loving Muslim girl is torn between her love for a Hindu boy and her Islam/family with Dr. Ali Sina's advice.

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Another Muslim, another terrorist saga, more innocent lives lost. What else is new? .... Those of us who know Islam are not surprised.

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When a Muslim, indeed any believer, is faced with the choice of leaving her/his faith, the first question that strikes her/him is what is the point of living---particularly living a good life, being good---if there is nothing to look forward at its end? Dr. Ali Sina has some excellent advice for such doubters...

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For ex-Muslims, it's tough life finding love. Ex-Muslims are too small a  community to find a suitable partner most often, while the most moderate and liberal of Muslim man or woman would run away from you as soon as they learn that you are an ex-Muslim/atheist etc. Non-Muslims today are very careful not to fall for a person of Muslim background, even if you are ex-Muslim/atheist. Although it's a tough life with few solutions, Dr. Ali Sina has a few words, which could be of help...

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How a Muslim mother in Russia is writing Quranic verses on her little son's hyperallergic skin and fooling the miracle-hungry Muslim masses, who, turning up at her home in thousands to watch the so-called miracle, have turned it into a center of pilgrimage.

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