Ali Sina

Guess who are the most persecuted people in the world today? It is the apostates of Islam. Not only they face certain death in Islamic countries, they are often ignored in western countries.

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Islamic barbarism knows no bounds. I'm stunned to read this story of how Iraqi teenagers are being stoned to death by moral police for wearing strange hairdos. Shockingly barbaric. (M. A. Khan)

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Years ago, Ali Sina had floated the idea of making a movie on the true life of Muhammad. He is now in the planning to do it... If he succeed in making the film, Islam's eradication would be faster than ever.

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All he did is posted violent Quranic verses and duly called Muhammad "the first terrorist in the name of Islam" on his Facebook page.

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This question was asked by a Muslim in the process of leaving Islam. Here is my response.

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