Guess who are the most persecuted people in the world today? It is the apostates of Islam. Not only they face certain death in Islamic countries, they are often ignored in western countries.

The following story is one of many that show how apostates are denied their human rights. Islam has penetrated in the west and the apostates have nowhere to turn.

This is troubling on two accounts. The first is that the apostates are in great danger. This is a human tragedy. The other is that they are the only real solution to the Islamic problem. There are those who claim the solution to radical Islam is moderate Islam. They lie. Moderate Islam is only a deception. Although there are many Muslims who are moderate, there is no such a thing as moderate Islam. Moderate Islam means less Islam. Yes poison does not kill in small doses, but it is still poison. Ignoring apostates is a political tragedy.

It is they who need recognition, protection and support. But they are ignored. The apostasy from Islam is the elephant in the room. They are politically incorrect. Their recognition offends Muslims and that is a line no one wants to cross. So the media of both Left and Right, promotes the lie that the solution to radical Islam is the mythological moderate Islam.

The danger is that if the western countries allow Muslims to dictate their policies in regards to human rights of ex-Muslims, in no time they too will lose their own freedom.

It was despicable for the government of Malaysia to deport the Saudi young journalist Hamza Kashgari back to his country where he would be most certainly tortured and perhaps killed. How more despicable would it be when the Government of the United Kingdom becomes accomplice of such crime?

Here's a letter from a Bangladeshi ex-Muslim couple detained in the United Kingodm:


Dear Ali Sina,

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of yours. You are a big le model for me. What you have started we will continue the legacy.

When I first got to know your site I was fuming with rage and threw obscenities at you. But as I read through I had no doubt in my mind that you were logical. You have changed my life.

You are a man of mystery as we do not really know who you are. But one thing I know you are an expert knowing our lives.

I am now an apostate. An Ex-Muslim who has renounced Islam publicly. I have declared war against the evil political ideology named Islam. For doing so, I am on the verge of committing suicide.

I was born in Bangladesh in a devout Muslim family. I was brought up with strictest Islamic principles. Never in my 30 years of practice I missed a Friday Jum’a prayer. I came to UK in 2007. I got to know you and your great creation in Dec 2010. By January I was freed from the shackles of slavery of Islam. After reading Understanding Muhammad my wife has also renounced Islam. We were struck with fury from our families, friends and acquaintances. My father in law’s family instantly ordered death of myself and my wife as we brought massive dishonor to their family. For us their social standing is ruined and they will never go to heaven as we have turned to be apostates. I could never make them understand that Islam is an evil ideology. The more I tried to enlighten them, the more violent they became. I lost all my families, friends and community. Bangladesh turned out to be a living hell for me. As you know Bangladesh is the country with 3rd largest Muslim population in the world. We are ordained to death in Bangladesh.

As situation turned so nasty we had to claim asylum in the UK. To my turn of bad luck the asylum screening interviewing officer turned out to be a devout Muslim woman from Sierra Leone. The moment she found out that I am an active ex-Muslim she got me detained. Based on her report my asylum application was refused.

Now I am imprisoned at a place called Yarl’s Wood, Bedfordshire MK44 1FD – this is probably the UK version of Guantanamo Bay. I never knew these types of facilities existed. It is maintained by a private company named Serco and they treat us like “Figures” and not human beings. They do not conduct any physical torture, but the mental torture is intense.

UKBA do not recognize the threats of life of ex-Muslims. They consider non-Muslims and ex-Muslims as same types which is very wrong.

I would like to ask you for a big help. I would ask this favor from my ex-Muslims brothers who suffer same persecution. I hope you will post my pledge in your website.

I would also request you to kindly give me a testimonial explaining how, I, as an ex-Muslim would suffer severe persecution returning to a land of 150 million devout Muslims. Your expert opinion would greatly help my appeal. Going back to Bangladesh is not an option for us anymore as we will be tortured and killed upon return.

I would greatly appreciate your kind attention to my cause.

Sincerely yours.

Tanjir Shagar

Phone: 07895808774

Unlawfully Detained at: Yarl’s Wood IRC, Twinswood Business Park, Milton Ernest, Bedford MK44 1FD

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The following is a plea by an apostate of Islam who is imprisoned in UK waiting to be deported back to Bangladesh where he will face a certain death. Please email the Prime Minister’s Office and ask him to uphold the human rights of this couple and make sure injustices like this are not repeated. This couple's life is in real danger.

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