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Given recent events in the Islamic World, such as attacks on American Embassies and other American interests, and the tragic death of American diplomats in Libya and soldiers in Afghanistan, you will soon hear a rising chorus of voices asking: What went wrong with our policy in the Middle East and North Africa? The answer is: American policy toward the Islamic world is simply inherently flawed and never had the slightest chance of success from the start.  So we are not surprised about its failure as we see happening.

Thanks to American policy of promoting
democracy in the Middle East?

Our policies in the Middle East and the wider Islamic world are inherently flawed because the American elite – high government officials, media and academics – simply do not have an accurate grasp of Islam and they never will. They have been so indoctrinated by a deceptive presentation of Islam and by multiculturalism that they will never chart a policy that has any chance of stopping Islam's steady advance or avoiding unnecessary American casualties both at home and abroad. The deceptive presentation of Islam by Muslims organizations and many petro-dollar guzzling academicians at home can be blamed for those flawed policies, but the truth about Islam is readily apparent in actual words of the Qur’an and Hadith. Therefore, such a long-term success of perpetuating deception in our society amidst easy access to the truths points to a deeper, home-based cause behind our flawed policies toward Islam.

The truth is that the elite only want to believe in the goodness of Islam, as it somehow furthers their worldview and goals.

While the elite, our supposedly most highly educated and intelligent citizens, engage in long-term fallacies, if one reads my past articles on Egypt, Turkey, and the other articles on Islam, one can clearly see those articles carried warnings and prediction of the current tragic events, arising from our foreign policy of advocating democracy in Islamic nations. For example, back in June 2009, in an article entitled Democracy Not An Instant Panacea For The Islamic World, I wrote that "…there is an extremely dangerous fallacy gaining strength in intellectual circles. It is the fallacy that democracy can save the Islamic World from its tyrants and deprivations and, in turn, save the non Islamic World from Islamic terrorism." I further wrote that "all the push for democracy will accomplish in Egypt is to potentially cause the same catastrophe to occur in Egypt as occurred in Iran. I see great similarities between pre-revolutionary Iran and modern Egypt. Hosni Mubarak exhibits many of the same qualities as the Shah of Iran – both good and bad. Both men allied themselves with the United States and both men tried to modernize their countries. They both experienced their strongest opposition from Islamist elements. Some of their tyrannical behavior is or was necessitated by the ruthless nature of their Islamist opponents." I ultimately opined in June 2009 that "I suspect that Egypt will eventually be lost to Islamic fundamentalists anyway unless something dramatic, such as Kemalist reforms, are imposed to change the course the country is on. Democratic elections will hasten Egypt's demise and preclude any possibility of a strong military keeping the Islamists at bay while reforms, many of which would be initially unpopular, are imposed that will decrease Islam's influence on the culture."

Finally, on September 11, 2008, in an article entitled, Why 9/11 Occurred on September 11, I wrote that "equally as alarming, much of the Islamic world seems to be sliding deeper and deeper into Islamic extremism and I see no signs of anything occurring to stop the decline or the trend. For example, Lebanon, Egypt, and Pakistan will be lost to Islamic extremists within the next half century." I also wrote articles predicting what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. Make no mistake, those countries are, and will continue to, slide further under fundamentalist Islamic control. Since I wrote the foregoing material, the events in Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Egypt reveal that I was downright prescient.

My accurate predictions beg the question: Why is it that a country lawyer and amateur Islamic critic such as myself could see what the Federal Government and so many American elites could not see? The answer is not a short one, but it is easy to grasp upon proper study. Let me lay it out for you so simply that any open-minded person – except the indoctrinated elites – can understand what constitutes at least a significant part of the problem behind America’s failed foreign policy.

America's disastrous foreign policy reflects how thoroughly certain segments of our society have managed to remain insulated from the reality of Islam for reasons far beyond simple ignorance. As a result, all Americans, and many foreigners, will pay dearly for a flawed foreign policy that has little chance of being significantly altered.

Ignorance is a failure to learn for reasons other than lack of ability to learn. President Obama is a highly intelligent (albeit not very wise), educated, and experienced man and his approach to all subjects involving Islam has to stem from something far beyond simple ignorance. While it is possible that President Obama, at least in part, is sympathetic to and trusting of Islam due to his early life in Indonesia where he may have been surrounded by cultural as opposed to fundamentalist Muslims giving him a skewed understanding of Islam, in all likelihood his overall views probably substantially derive from the same malady that has infected a large segment of Western society. Many have been so inundated by a misleading presentation of Islam that infects most mainstream educational and media sources that despite the fact that they have surely stumbled upon the truth about Islam at some point, they have been preconditioned to ignore or rationalize the truth. This preconditioned ignorance guarantees that the "elites" will never grasp the true level of danger presented by Islam. Where does this preconditioning come from?

The government, academia, and the media have created this preconditioning and they reinforce it every day at every opportunity. When journalists want to learn about Islam or present or write a story about Islam, they tend to search out someone to interview with academic credentials that lend immediate credibility to the story. But these traditional academic sources have been so compromised that the full truth about Islam is impossible to discover from such sources. Many educational institutions have been corrupted, not only by multiculturalism, discussed further below, but by money from wealthy Muslim donors and academic institutions know they must appease those donors if they are to receive additional funds. Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil and it has corrupted many prestigious academics institutions and professors. Think of it as your oil dollars at work, but against you.

In addition, many academics and media elites have been influenced by such academic charlatans as Edward Said and deceptive text books such that, instead of receiving the type of in-depth understanding and full truth about Islam one would expect from a prestigious academic institution, one receives a slick dose of propaganda and falsehood about the religion that masquerades as scholarship and an elite education. The irony of pampered elites thinking they are receiving an elite education when they are actually being indoctrinated would be funny if it was not causing such devastation and violence. 

It is not just higher institutions of learning that have been compromised by donations from wealthy Muslims and inherently flawed scholarship. The corruption and deception runs much deeper and includes Muslim financial inroads into the major media corporations, but has much of its roots in what has happened in the academic world. The deceptive presentation of Islam originating in academia is carried into a host of books and documentaries marketed to the general public. After all, if you are producing a special about Islam for the History Channel or Public Broadcasting Service or publishing a book about Islam, where do you go for information? Academia of course just as journalists do. Even the most cursory review of many of the popular books and documentaries about Islam reveal that Islam is as deceptively portrayed to the general public as Islam is deceptively portrayed to unsuspecting students at elite universities.

Truth involves far more than saying what is true. The common law has recognized for centuries that when one speaks in certain settings that one is expected to give the whole truth. The greatest legal minds for centuries have understood that when one speaks on a subject one should not be allowed to deceive by careful omission of key information. A popular way to phrase the sentiment in California law is as follows: "Where one does speak he [or she] must speak the whole truth to the end that he [or she] does not conceal any facts which materially qualify those stated. One who is asked for or volunteers information must be truthful, and the telling of a half-truth calculated to deceive is fraud." By the foregoing standard, most of the books, media presentations and American Presidential statements about Islam and Islamic history perpetrate a fraud upon the public. Much of the material not only deletes the unsavory aspects of Islamic doctrine and history, but they contain outright fabrications intended to deceive. Compounding the problem is the fact that most media sources will not tolerate teachings about Islam or Islamic history that do not adhere to political correctness even if the speaker has the background and credentials that would seemingly impress any audience and even if the Islamic critic limits his or her analysis to merely accurately quoting Islamic doctrine.  Bizarre as it may seem, no one cries foul when radical Muslims read the harshest aspects of Islamic doctrine to mosque attendees, but read them in the context of presenting the doctrines for review to a Western audience and the very same radical Muslim clerics scream like fallen angels at rising time. But what is more peculiar, is that Western leftists join in their criticism.

As a result, a dangerous, false understanding of Islam arises from main stream sources' failure to address any negative information about Muhammad and Islam. When a more realistic source surfaces, it is castigated.  For example, the current film that supposedly has allegedly played a role in the recent attacks on Americans has been viciously attacked by the media. While it is true that the film was poorly made and amateurishly presents Muhammad's story, it is at least mostly correct. Muhammad was in fact a pedophile, mandated war against non believers until, at a minimum, they were subdued and agreed to discriminatory living conditions, had people assassinated for mere criticism of him, authorized his followers to have physical relations with captured women whether married or not, murdered their husbands, sold women and children into slavery, advocated violent robbery of non Muslims, and established a society that is inherently unjust and discriminatory to women and all non Muslims, as well as a society commanded to kill anyone that criticizes Islam or Muhammad. Yet, the story from our news media and government is not that Muhammad was in fact a poor example for Muslims to follow and that it is wrong to kill people for merely pointing out the truth just because a seventh-century war lord and false prophet commanded it. Rather, they blame any messenger that believes it is important to tell the truth about Islam.  Leftists and President Obama even refer to Muhammad as “Prophet” in reverential tones. This bizarre situation is devastatingly harmful not to mention quite at odds with our First Amendment freedoms.  Perhaps if our elites had dared allowed a little better presentation of the actual doctrines mandated by Muhammad, our slaughtered American ambassador might have known what Muhammad said about non Muslims and how they should be treated.

Perhaps being so enlightened he might still be alive today as he would have surly demanded better security arrangements – especially on the anniversary of September 11. But I suspect that his “elite,” but completely naive political and ideological outlook completely prevented him from knowing the following useful information that would have saved his and many other American lives. Mohammed said: "I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, None has the right to be worshiped but Allah, and whoever says, None has the right to be worshiped but Allah, his life and property will be saved by me." (Al Bukhari Vol. 4:196) "Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captives. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. . . ."  (Qur'an 33:26)  The Qur'an states that non-Muslims are: not to be taken as a friend (3:28), confused (6:25), to be Terrorized - "I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."(8:12), to be made war on (9:5 & 29), to be considered unclean (9:28), considered evil and a helper of evil against God (23:97 & 25:55), to be punished (25:77), humiliated (37:18), hated (40:35), to be beheaded (47:4), to be laughed at (83:34), and assumed to be plotting against Muslims (86:15). Finally, as if there could be any doubt based on the foregoing, the earliest biography of Muhammad originating from Ibn Ishaq, a devout Muslim, flatly quotes Muhammad as stating: "Muhammad is the apostle of Allah! Those with him are violent against Unbelievers but merciful to one another…" The Qur'an is in accord: "Muhammad is the apostle of God; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other…" (Qur'an 48:29)

I suspect that our deceased ambassador had no idea that the foregoing material is indisputably contained in Islam’s “holy” book – the Qur’an. Those in the know realize that the Qur’an mandates holy terror, but beyond that there is nothing holy about it.

Because of the foregoing deception advanced by prestigious universities, much of the media, popular books and documentaries, it is hardly surprising that even highly intelligent intellectuals like President Obama have been deceived into accepting a less than realistic and, therefore, dangerous understanding of Islam. When I hear President Obama speak about Islam, it seems obvious to me that while he can see that not all Muslims are violent and that many Muslims no doubt are decent people, but it is completely lost on him that some people actually believe their religion and study it so that when Islamic doctrine commands the horrors we see perpetrated on a daily basis in Islamic countries, it will influence millions and the fact that not all are driven to action by the actual tenets of the religion is hardly a saving grace. Not all Germans were inspired by Nazi ideology either does that mean Nazi ideology was peaceful? If you are full of righteous indignation at this point and asking how dare I compare Islam to Nazi ideology, you are right! It is grossly unfair to the Nazis as Islamic ideology much more clearly advocates the slaughter of Jews than Nazi ideology did. The Nazis and radical Muslims got along quite well in fact and understandably so – both ideologies had much in common and shared the mutual interest of wiping out the Jews.

The false presentation of Islam as a so-called religion of peace because some Muslims are able to practice it peacefully is extremely dangerous.  Did it ever occur to the elites that peaceful Muslims may not even be real Muslims?  It is not as if many of them have a real choice but to pretend to be Muslims given that apostasy is punishable by death under Islamic law. Many peaceful Muslims are simply cultural Muslims who do not believe that the Qur’an should be taken literally. That hardly exonerates real Islamic doctrine that inspires so much terrorism in diverse cultures worldwide given that Islamic doctrine is a cosmopolitan inspiration to terror and violence.

In addition to the massive deception campaign shielding Islam from full view and analysis, another reason that Western nations are having so much difficulty grasping how to both completely understand and properly address Islamic terrorism and events in the Islamic world is the context in which the so-called war on terror and world events are playing out. That context is a broader clash of ideology that encompasses far more than a clash of civilizations.

There are three major ideologies competing for influence in the World today – Secularism, Christianity and Islam. All three ideologies have internal divisions and there are other competing, relatively minor ideologies that add to the overall complexity. Part of the problem the West is having in resisting Islam and in recognizing the degree of the threat posed by Islam is the culture war between the Secular Left and the vestige of Christian culture and Christians remaining within Western society. This cultural war between these Western ideologies is acting much like the conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire in the Seventh Century. It is making both vulnerable to Islam.

In addition to the culture war in the West, the Secular Left (Obama is ultra left-wing ideologically) has developed an ideology with beliefs that have become so strong that they act much like religious belief. Those beliefs are deeply affecting resistance to advancing Islam. One of those beliefs is multiculturalism. At its best, multiculturalism has some great truth to it. It has taught Westerners to appreciate that which can be appreciated in other cultures and to accept that which is acceptable in other cultures. Multiculturalism at its best has helped offset a natural tendency toward unbridled xenophobia.

At its worst, however, multiculturalism has created a situation wherein all facets of other cultures must be accepted no matter how malevolent at risk of great penalty to those who refuse to do so. That penalty for unorthodoxy is ostracism and the label of bigot or racist for refusing to accept any and all foreign cultures and religions as equally worthy.  To claim otherwise is, according to the ultra left, blasphemy and apostasy. Of course, they do not use those words but the reality is the same.

This dark side of multiculturalism results in the elite's refusal to take an appropriate stand against Islam and it colors their analysis of events in the Islamic world and helps advocate a flawed foreign policy. The Secular Left, for example, makes excuses for Islamic treatment of women and other intolerant behavior that it would condemn with violent ferocity if exhibited by Westerners. Multiculturalism makes some Westerners refuse to even admit that Islam raises serious dangers. It forces many to claim that Islam itself is not to be feared. Multiculturalism acts much like the Aztec mythology that led the Aztecs to believe the Spaniards were returning Gods and which allowed the Spaniards to obtain a strategic advantage before the battle lines were ever drawn.

Multiculturalism is having the same effect on Western culture. It is allowing Islam to make major inroads into Western culture and it is hindering the fight against Islam. In fact, it is hindering the recognition of exactly what the enemy is and what drives the enemy. So much so that we are fighting a war on terror and not a war on the religion that drives that terror and which will continue to drive that terror until it is contained. Is it any wonder that under such circumstances that American foreign policy is so misguided?  By the time Westerners realize the degree of the mortal threat presented by Islam, they may well find themselves in the same untenable position as the Aztecs.

Even the suggestion that it is Islam that threatens peace and safety and that it is Islam that we must contain causes many Westerners to cry "bigot." Such a suggestion, you see, is like a heresy to an ideology driven by multiculturalism.

Islam has advanced because of deception and oil money. Left-leaning secularists seized control of a large segment of Western education and, therefore, dominate much of the formal public education that occurs in the West. These Leftists use control of the education system to advance multiculturalism. They have either willingly or deceptively played a role in the re-writing of the history of Islam such that many Westerners have no idea how much destruction and horror the religion has historically caused. Ask many Westerners when Islam and Christianity first came into conflict and many will ignorantly and adamantly swear it was when the "evil West" attacked "peaceful Muslims" during the Crusades. Leftists ignore or rationalize the hundreds of years of assault on Europe and other civilizations by Islamic invaders leading up to the Crusades.

The political Right is at least as blameworthy as the Left for the massive transfer of wealth to the Middle East in exchange for oil. That wealth has given the Islamic world the financial wherewithal to spread Islamic doctrine worldwide. It was nothing more than ignorance as to the nature of Islam that allowed such a massive wealth transfer to occur with little, if any, understanding of the long-term implications. In fact, even when the undisputed evidence revealed that the oil wealth was funding radical Islam within our own borders, very little was done to stop it. Even worse, very little can be done to stop it without amending the Constitution. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution is being used as a weapon against us to shield the spread of an ideology that expressly seeks to undermine our society and the very First Amendment that allows its advance. Leftists will never allow an amendment to the Constitution that would allow anyone to halt the spread of radical Islamic doctrine even though the values advanced by the Left seem quite at odds with Islamic doctrine.

All attempts to contain Islam and resist the terrorism caused by Islamic doctrine takes place in the context of a Western cultural war. Leftists seem more interested in continuing to fight that cultural war and to treat encroaching Islam as a weapon in that cultural war rather than uniting with the vestiges of Christian culture and Christians to defeat an enemy that is a mortal threat to both Western belief systems. The right seems willing to squander vast economic resources fighting flowery wars to keep slightly less Islamic governments in power and which, in the long run, will achieve nothing but, combined with the left's improvident spending, to collapse our nation economically.   Spending six trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to bring “democracy” to those nations was the height of stupidity. You cannot bring democracy or social justice to people whose minds are enslaved to Islam.

In a summary, massive deception and multiculturalism have blinded American elites. It should have been obvious that democracy would lead to disaster in Islamic countries, but our elites are far too blind to what was so obvious to me as set forth in my previous articles. The sad result is that Americans are unnecessarily paying for the elite's misguided foreign policy with their lives. I regret the loss of the American ambassador and my heart goes out to his family, but at least he had a choice. He could have and should have demanded better security. He was negligent for failing to do so. He was negligent because he is one of the typical American elite that will never be able to properly understand the Islamic world. But my heart really breaks for the other Americans killed. Most of them, and perhaps all of them, had no choice and power, but to act as directed by the elite. I see them as sacrificial lambs to multiculturalism and deception. Their Muslim killers see them as noble sacrifice to Allah. But what about the American elite? They will never see or understand that it is their lack of wisdom that is killing Americans and destroying America from within.