A list of reasons why Islam is Muslims' worst enemy, and so of entire humanity...



All the salats with the required wudus and ablutions, fasting  with  accompanying nightly marathon taravih prayers, the all night nafil salats on special nights when sawab is much higher for each raka, daily quran recitations, Juma congregations and qutbas, Muharram majises, Islamic conferences, Mehfil-e-Milad-e-Nabi, recitations of duas, halaqas, darses, chillas, shabeenas, weeks long visits to karbala, Mecca, Medina, Ajmer, haj, umras, visits to pirs, visit to dargahs, tombs of saints etc. etc. make Muslims the most time wasting people on religious rituals in the world.


Over 100 hateful ayas—such as non-Muslims are the worst beasts (8.55), lowest creatures (98.6), liars (16.39), evil (5.59), perverts (9.30), unclean (9.28) and don’t make friends with them (4.144, 5.51, 3.118)—make Muslims the most hateful and discriminating people towards non-Muslims.

They make mosques on every street in kuffar countries but do not allow any church or temple in their own countries. The result is that they are the most disliked people in the world.


Ambiguity, confusion lack of context and chronology and contradictions in the Quran cause wide differences of opinions. This has resulted in over 100 sects of Muslims each calling others heretics/kafirs/apostates/bad Muslims   resulting in hatred, enmity and bloodshed among themselves since inception of Islam. Prophet himself called some Muslims munafiqs and had their mosque burned down (Masjid-e-Zarrar). He routinely ordered Muslims to be killed just for missing prayers.

Bukhari V1:B11:N626: “The Prophet said, “burn all those who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.’”

First Caliph Abu Bakar had thousands of Muslims killed, calling them apostates, in the “Apostate war” (War of al-ridda) right after the death of the Prophet.

Prophet’s most beloved wife Ayesha and his most beloved cousin and son in law Ali  fought a bloody war (Camel War) calling each other kafirs, resulting in thousands of Muslims killing each other. Prophet’s most beloved grandson Hussain and 70 of his close friends and relatives were brutally killed by other Muslims. Third Caluiph Usman was killed by firstCaliph Abu Bakar’s son calling him a heretic while Usman was reciting quran. Fourth caliph was murdered by pious Muslims (kharijis) on his way to mosque, calling him a kafir. Three of the first four Islamic caliphs were   murdered in cold blood by other pious Muslims. Only the first Caliph died natural death within two years of his rule. Chances were that had he lived longer, he would have been killed liked the other three too by pious Muslims.

Is it any surprise that, by far, most Muslims are killed every year by other Muslims even in the 21st century over religious differences?


Ayas guaranteeing paradise only for those killing and getting killed for Allah make Muslims the most violent people in the world. All suicide-bombers are Muslims. Most terrorists are Muslims. Most armed conflicts in the world involve Muslims.


All the harams, restrictions on clothes, foods, drinks, music, song and dance, TV, movies, socializing with women, recreational activities and the stringent repetitive rituals make Islam the most, strict, boring, colorless  and harsh religion and it’s practioners brain dead zombies.


Muslims is allowed to hunt down kuffars, kill and rob them, and enslave and have sex with their women. A Muslim man is also allowed four wives with the facility of changing them at will, and sex with unlimited number of slave-girls. The Prophet and the early Muslims fully enjoyed this halal recreation and fun activity, but modern day Muslims cannot take advantage of these perks, thanks to international pressure. There are some exceptions like Muslims of sharia countries like Sudan, where they still hunt down Christians, rob them and rape their women and fulfill this sunna. Muslims in other countries are stuck with one Muslim wife, and no slave-girl or captured women.


The Isolation of women from men, lack of facilities to hunt down kuffar and rape their women, banned slavery, and difficulty of keeping multiple wives make Muslims the horniest people in the world. That is the reason that rape, incest, homosexuality and even bestiality are more common in Muslim countries than other countries…


The very harsh rituals and requirements of Islam, including violent jihad  to avoid hell, which are almost impossible to follow for an average Muslim  today, keeps them very guilty conscious and  fearful of tortures in grave and in hell  for not practicing Islam. That causes psychological problems in most non-practicing Muslims. Whereas those, who are good Muslims (beards, hijab, prayers, fasts, zakat, jihad donations etc.), suffer from superiority complex, arrogance and narcissism...



Quran/Sunna promotes social ills like wife beating, pedophilia, polygamy, incest, female circumcision etc. Watch the following video:

Pedophilia aya 65:4 and sunna of the prophet marrying a 6-year-old underage child Aisha when he was in his 50s makes Muslims most pedophilic people in the world. Among Muslims, old men marrying underage girls is most common.

The Quran’s granting of polygamy and sunna of the polygamous prophet makes Muslims the most polygamous people in the world.

Marriage with first cousins is a sunna and another big problem in the Muslim umma. Sunna makes first-cousin marriages most popular among Muslims causing highest incidences of genetic problems in Muslim children.

Prophet promoted female circumcision. It is considered compulsory in a part of umma (shaafai fiqh) and highly recommended in others. Circumcision not only mutilates female body, it takes sexual pleasure away from women, often results in medical problems and sometimes results in deaths.


The belief that only Allah decides on matters of a man’s life and death (based on the Quran and sunna, Muslims leave these matters to Allah. While they head to the mosques five times a day, they are rarely seen on tennis courts, playgrounds, health clubs and swimming pools. If they are seen in parks, they are often sitting in shades gawking at women or standing or doing namaz (prayers). No wonder that the Muslim umma with 24% of world population rarely gets an Olympic Gold medal or world championship in any sport.

In addition to lack of sporting activities and proper nutrition, the Islamic fasting rituals is a curse upon Muslims, which takes a heavy toll on their health. The Islamic fast keeps Muslims dehydrated and starved all day and bloated with heavy fatty food and sugary desserts in the evening with zero exercise. That is a very harmful combination for health. Even a rare Muslim/ Muslima, who happens to play sports or exercise regularly, doesn’t do it during fasting. Many diabetic Muslims worsen their disease by fasting and some even die by complications caused by fasting.


Muslims believe that all “true” knowledge, needed by mankind, has been revealed by Allah in the Quran. Besides this, their central aim in this life is to please Allah and gain paradise... Therefore, they are not into scientific/medical research to improve and enhance quality of life on earth. For that reason, Muslims, with all the oil money, have zero contribution to scientific/medical research. Twenty percent (20%) of world population living in over 60 Muslim countries have never won a Nobel Prize in sciences/medicine.


Since Allah has guaranteed paradise for those Muslims, who kill and get killed while waging Jihad in the way of Allah, Muslims only concentrate their research on innovative ways of suicide-bombings, which opens to them both the benefits, killing and getting killed, assuring them instant landing in paradise... Muslims carry out suicide-bombings all over the world to kill kuffar and bad Muslims. Their achievements in suicide-bombing research are unparalleled. Here is a list of their amazing pioneering milestones in this arena:

  1. They were the first ones to use passenger jets to demolish 100+ story buildings in less than an hour.
  2. They invented A-hole bombing by hiding explosives in rectum. A mujahid used this technique in Saudi Arabia and walked undetected in a secure area and blew himself up.
  3. They invented underwear with a secret pocket for explosives which cannot be detected by patting or frisking.
  4. They were the first to successfully hide a bomb in a shoe.
  5. They are the first ones to use explosives looking like formula milk.
  6. They were the first ones to successfully take a thousand school children hostage, starve them, rape them, and then blow them up...
  7. They were also the pioneers in successfully suicide-bombing trains and a subway using innocent looking school backpacks.
  8. A Muslim doctor was the first physician, who showed how to take kuffar lives instead of saving them.
  9. They pioneered in sending deadly poisons in letters.
  10. Muslims are the first to use underage innocent looking boys and girls as suicide bombers.
  11. They discovered the advantages of using women and children as shields in warfare.
  12. They discovered the advantages of using roof tops of residential apartment buildings for launching rockets.
  13. They were the first ones to make use of young boys in front of an advancing column of infantry to blow up mines planted by the enemy.
  14. They invented the terrorizing technique of beheading kafir civilians and putting the video on YouTube.

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