Denis Schulz

Well, if Muhammad Ali Hasan is in support of the Ground Zero Mosque it must be a good thing. Hasan is a Republican, a practicing Muslim and founded Muslims For Bush. There were no Coptic Christians for Bush, no Bahai'i's for Bush: no Assyrians for Bush.


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It was a thought-provoking question. It was debated for hours and hours at Joe's Bar and Grille and Gun Club; they came to no satisfactory conclusion. What would you have said if you were Daisy Khan?


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Just where are they? Maybe you have to travel to Canada to find one, just one; for more, you have well have to travel to hell...

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Major Nidal Hasan's killing rampage at Fort Hood Army base in Texas has raised the familiar debate: Has Islam, his religion, anything to do with his action?Pundits are adamant to keep Islam out; it's a religion of peace after all. And President Obama affirmed it further: no loving God would look upon him with favor. The question is: Is Allah, the God of Islam amd Muslims, is a loving one? A group of friends at Joe's bar had a little candid chat about it.


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A new book by our author Denis Schulz....

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