Denis Schulz hear Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) talk they were deprived of a good education. They might as well have not had any at all. Carson is a Muslim; he believes America should change its educational system—make it more user friendly. It should adopt the most successful system in the world—the Madrassas.

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Did you know that bee stings kill more people in the UK every year than are killed by Muslim terrorists? That’s right. David Anderson, who serves as an Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, said bee, hornet and wasp stings killed five people in 2010, while Asian Jihadists did not send a single person to his eternal reward.

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To Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi, a Jihadist Muslim is no different than an altar-boy daydreaming about his girlfriend while burning incense during the Fifth Station of the Cross, or a Buddhist who has just discovered the beer at Joe's Bar and Grille and Gun Club has therapeutic value.

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This is an excerpt from our author Denis Schulz's 3-volume fiction: "The Search for Yasser Abdel Said".

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A year ago on September 11, Ishaan Tharoor stood on the site of Ground Zero amid hundreds of people many of them shouting obscenities against Muslims and the religion of Islam. He never did make an accurate count; but there must have been hundreds so one will have to take him at his word. Now Ishaan is a very sensitive man, a Yale graduate class of ‘06, cultured and all that.

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