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Cries of “Allahu Akbar!” rent the air. Rocks and bottles, accompanied by occasional pieces of concrete, were showering like hailstones. Christians with no protection, no breastworks, were under attack by Muslims in American heartland.

That was Dearborn, Michigan, in June 2012. The police told them to get out of there. It was the Dar al-Islam already, not the Dar al-Harb where they could try fight back. They had to get out. They had no business being there.

Something similar happened a hundred-fifty years ago. In April of 1862, Yankee scouts had moved out from Shiloh looking for evidence of the Confederate Army. At first, everything went well, then came the sudden “Pop! Pop! Pop!” The Feds were under attack. Albert Sidney Johnston’s Army had come up in the dead of night and the air was filled with the angry snarl of hundreds of deadly 0.58 caliber Minie balls. Fired from an 1853 Enfield rifle, the Minie ball could knock down a mule. In the hands of an accurate marksman, the Enfield was a terribly destructive weapon. It tore through flesh and shattered bone. A number of Yankees were hit and went down. The casualties quickly mounted. It wasn’t long before the Feds fell back taking most of their wounded with them.

It wasn’t much of a battle, scarcely a skirmish—something like what took place at Dearborn. The alarmed regimental commander rushed word to William Tecumseh Sherman. Old Cump was furious. There was nothing to worry about he said—the Confederates were miles away at Corinth. If the Colonel was so damn afraid, he should take his regiment back to Ohio and hide under the table with the ladies and the Democrats.

The next day, screaming their rebel yell, the Confederates struck in force and Sherman was lucky to get back to the Tennessee River without his britches full of Minie balls. The same thing happened later at Chancellorsville where Oliver Otis Howard ignored warnings that the Johnny Rebs were on his flank.

Shiloh…Chancellorsville…150 years ago…and here it is 2012, and it is happening again today. The enemy is on America’s flank and the reconnaissance parties are being driven back.

The first warning that America was under Islamic assault came on September 11, 2001 like the attack on Fort Sumter was in the American Civil War. The Democratic Party, as it did in 1861, has taken council of its fears and is looking the other way.  Doughfaces—Northern men with Southern principles—blamed the Civil War on the Republican Party. It wasn’t the fault of Jeff Davis and Alexander Stephens or the extension of slavery into the territories, they said—it was the Republicans and the Abolitionists.

The Democrats maintain the same position today. The fact that Islam holds 500,000,000 women in slavery does not trouble them. The continued persecution of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and animists by Muslims throughout the world is of no concern of theirs, nor do they care that hatred of Israel and America is being preached in mosque, Madrassas and college campus from New York City to Berkeley by Imams, who are in and out of the White House like flies on a hot summer afternoon.

The Christian protestors in Dearborn were peaceful. Muslims objected to the signs those Christians carried. They were disrespectful of Islam said the Imams. Actually the very presence of a Christian is disrespectful of Islam.

Qur’an 5:17 “Verily they are disbelievers and infidels who say, ‘The Messiah, son of Mary, is God.’”

And: Qur’an 5:35 “…Theirs will be a painful torment. They will desire to get out of the fire but they shall not be released from it. They shall have an everlasting torture.”

It started in front of the mosque. The protestors were pelted with rocks, bottles and chunks of concrete. It was, no matter what the police report will say, a stoning. A Muslim girl, who could not have been more than six or seven years old, ran up to the protestors and screamed the f-word at them. A police officer told the protestors, they have to go. Dearborn could not afford to keep a permanent two-man detail on hand to protect them.

When the protestors left, they soon found out who was being protected by the police. They had scarcely left the scene when their vehicle was surrounded by squad cars. The police chief had sent 14 cops to escort them from the Dar al-Islam.

Fortunately for the protestors, someone had filmed the event. The 20-minute video can be viewed on YouTube. It pretty well backs up what the protestors have had to say. The sound of rocks and bottles can be heard striking the pavement and more than a few missiles can be viewed sailing through the air. So the Liberal-progressives have refrained from their usual vigorous attacks on the handful of Christians that were willing to stand up against religious fascism.

Still some Democrats couldn’t keep their mouths shut for more than a few minutes. Julie Roginsky, a Democratic Party strategist and media consultant, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel to discuss the event. It was a tempest in a teapot, she said. If that was her two cents worth, she’s got change coming. All religions, she said, have engaged in that kind of activity. There are stonings in the Bible, stonings in the Qur’an, stonings in the Torah, stonings in the Kama Sutra, stonings in the Ted Turner Diaries. Stonings are common to all religions.

That may be true in an historical sense, but the Panel wasn’t interested in ancient history, a subject the Democrats always fall back on when they have nothing to say—slavery, manifest destiny, Wounded Knee. The Panel should have asked Julie when was the last time Christians stoned someone. Well, it was back in 2007. There was this CBS-TV drama called Cold Case where a gang of Christian teenagers stoned a prostitute. Sure, but that was only make-believe—sort of like the commentary on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews. But it wouldn’t have appeared on TV if it hadn’t had some basis in fact. Right? Sure, Christians are capable of such things. Democrats never think Americans are better than anyone else. It’s what makes them Democrats.

The last time the Christians stoned someone was about 500 years ago. The last time the Muslims stoned someone was yesterday and the time before that was the day before yesterday and the time before that was…well, one quickly gets the picture.

From What the People Should Know File:

During the past several weeks Muslim militants in Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad have stoned—murdered—at least 14 youths described as Emos—boys who dress like Europeans. Since January about 100 Emos have been sent to their eternal reward in Iraq by stoning. There may be more—far more. Record keeping in Iraq is not an exact science.

Stonings are frequent in Saudi Barbaria. They are legal and public. Recently a Saudi princess asked for asylum in the UK. She had given birth to an illegitimate child and feared a stoning. Fortunately a British judge awarded her both asylum and   anonymity. It wasn’t the first time the Brits have done this. But they have to do it secretly to avoid confrontation with the Saudi government.

Oh, for a year of Andrew Jackson and John Coffee Hays at the head of the English government and George Bush’s Saudi buddy would be feeling the hot breath of the Eternal singing his gluteus obnoxiosus.

Stoning is common in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and, of course, Iran.

The Liberal-progressive response to the Dearborn stoning was to dismiss it. It seldom occurs they said and the protestors were at fault. One Internet blogger said, there were over a billion Muslims in the world. That meant that less than 0.0000001 percent of them participate in stonings.

It’s quite amazing—Christianity is responsible for Scott Roeder and the Inquisition, Islam is responsible for absolutely nothing. Many Muslims stood by and happily watched the stonings without intervening. It must be stated in a corollary argument that only a small portion of the Nazi Party stuffed Jews in the concentration camps, and only a handful of Klansmen served as nightriders. Are they to be forgiven?

Groucho Marx said he would never join a club that would have someone like him for a member. Many Muslims belong to mosques that not only harbor Jihadists but also serve as a training ground for terrorists.  How many of them have thought of leaving Islam? Who would one rather be—a Marx Brother or a Muslim?

If it were only the stonings—as disgusting as they are—Julie Roginsky might have an argument. But there is more to it than an occasional stoning. There are the beheadings—a Christian in Tunisia, a Copt in Egypt, an atheist in Somalia, an apostate in Nigeria, a schoolgirl in Indonesia, a maid in Saudi Barbaria. Islam is not for the squeamish.

Acid thrown in the face of schoolgirls, honor killings, schoolboys sodomized in a Mosque, attacks on churches, child prostitution rings… there is no end to the madness. A Muslim man in Yemen hung his three-year-old son to spite his wife after a furious argument; a Muslim mob in southern Punjab burned a man alive for allegedly ripping pages from the Qur’an; in Egypt three religious men killed a college student for publicly walking with his fiancée. A Portland, Maine, woman was sexually assaulted by a Somali refugee. It took Attila the Hun a lifetime to accomplish what Islam manages every week.

And then there are the big items: the roadside bombs, the attacks on mosques that have left thousands dead, the suicide bombers, 9/11, 7/7 and the hatred—above all the hatred.

The showering of rocks, the bottles and the chunks of concrete that reigned down on Dearborn protestors is the beginning of a Dar al-Islam in the American heartland. It’s time all Americans, including liberal Leftists in the Democratic Party, to wise up and call it by its name -- "stoning".