Ibn Kammuna


Uqba ibn Abu Mu'ayt ( عقبة بن أبو معيط‎) (d. 624 AD) belonged to the Quraish tribe. He was a blood relative of the prophet of Islam. He had two children: a boy named Walid ibn Uqba and a girl named Umm Kulthum bint Uqba.

When Muhammad’s mission was not making any headway in Mecca, he started insulting the local polytheistic gods and beliefs. In return, some members of the Quraysh clan started treating Muhammad badly. He was insulting their religions, and when their cup was full, they returned the favor in his own coin.

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Earth’s rotation is explained by Qur’an 27:88 and 7:54

An article, entitled Aliens Wrote the Quran? Proof It Wasn’t Written by Humans, claims that the Earth’s rotation is explained by Qur’an 27:88 and Qur’an 7:54.

In part I of this series, we have seen that verse 27:88 talks about the eschatological Islamic view of the destruction of the universe and it has nothing to do with the Earth’s rotation. Let us analyze the other verse, 7:54:

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“Defending Evil is Evil”

The above quote is mine.

One of the interesting sites is a site dedicated to defending Evil. The site claims that the Qur’an was written by aliens.

There are two basic claims about the Qur’an:

  1. The repetitiveness we see in the Qur’an is amazing. It has an embedded code in it that will leave one in awe.
  2. The Qur’an has many scientific miracles in it that makes it impossible to believe that it was written by humans. No, it was indeed written by aliens.
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In an earlier article, I outlined my views about the origination of Islam as a tribal system. It was an open system in the sense that it was very easy for outside individuals and tribes to join in. However, it was also a closed system to leave. If an individual or a group of individual attempted to leave Islam, they were put to the sword.

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Imran Firasat, a Pakistani Ex-Muslim living in Spain, has just released a new movie on Islamic Jihad. The movie illustrates the practice of Jihad as followed by devout Muslims and its manifestations all around the globe. Below is my review and judgement about this movie. The movie itself is easily accessible on YOUTUBE and can also be viewed on the websites FaithFreedom.org and IslamWatch.org.

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