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Introduction: This is a repeat of quotes recently published in IslamWatch with the addition of new quotes. I have added many worthy quotes, which valued readers of IslamWatch have added in comments and credit goes to them.

But first, I would like to ask the reader to join me in a good laugh. Please have a look at the picture below. It was taken in a specific conference held in Saudi Arabia last year. There is not a single woman in sight. And notice the title of the conference. This is Islam – one laughable religion.

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A Hadith is a saying or an act or tacit approval or disapproval in a valid or invalid manner by Prophet Muhammad.

Great classical Islamic scholars have compiled thousands of Hadiths. Since, to Muslims, Muhammad is the perfect example of human character, whose every saying and deeds they must strive to emulate for all eternity, devout Muslims use the hadiths as guide to their life. But many of the hadiths are contradictory to each other. Others are outright embarrassing or barbaric in modern ethical standard.  As a result, there are rising a new group of Muslims, who want to reject the Hadith, taking the Quran as the sole and absolute religious guide, such as the Qur’aniyyoon (Qur’an-only Muslims).

The question is: Can Muslims reject the hadith and be able to do all the religious practices they observe on a daily basis?

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In this posting, I provide some worthy quotes of wise non-Muslims, and back up their worthiness with quotes of famous Muslims.

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His name is Ibrahim Sarsur. He is considered a very moderate Muslim. When one reads about moderate Muslims like him, one can't but wonder what moderate Islam is all about. Here are some narrations about him:

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By Ali Hassan (Translated by Ibn Kammuna; Reviewed by Jon MC)

I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

When I was a student in the Arab schools, I studied a curriculum module or unit called 'Islamic civilization' which was taught by a Salafist Imam. His whole curriculum was a biography of the Salafists “Ahlu Sunna” group; a group that wants to follow the works of Muhammad’s times and the early Muslims. All we studied was “so and so said...” and “the Shari’a tells us to do such and such...” the whole curricuum was designed for “Islamic brainwashing”. The instructor Imam never gave a smile in his lectures and taught topics that had no relation to civilization For me, this class was “the straw that broke the camel's back” and that led me to go and finish my studies in the lands of the heathens.

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