Ibn Kammuna

Scientists all over the world try hard to improve human knowledge. Medical researchers spend endless hours in laboratories trying to help improve treatments of disease.

The great religion of Islam is not lagging far behind. Reputable Muslim authorities are giving out unique Fatwas to solve practical societal problems. I was hoping for fatwas to limit the number of wives to one, declare illegal the beating of a wife by the husband, and declare Ham Halal meat to enjoy. I have not heard anything like that yet, but I keep hoping.

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The secret to the success of early Islam in Arabia in the 7th century is an “open tribe” system. I detail the basics of this concept in this article. A second article will follow on the same topic concentrating on the role of economics in this system.

Muhammad in Mecca: Muhammad started his mission quietly and peacefully although he himself was a very vindictive person - as attested by many incidents in his life that we can read about. However the start of his mission in Mecca was peaceful. The reason for that is a very natural one. He hardly had any followers. Those who followed him were mostly from lower class, some of the slaves and the poor. As his years in Mecca progressed, so did his insults to the polytheists' beliefs and practices.

Arabs before the dark age of Islam were tolerant people. This is a fact that history supports. Arabs had a multiplicity of religious beliefs that spanned a wide spectrum of monotheism and polytheism. The Arab culture was used to a multiplicity of religious practices – all of which Muhammad came to abhor. At the beginning, polytheists just did not pay much attention to Muhammad and his followers, but as Muhammad persisted in insulting their religions, they started paying him back in the same currency he dealt to them.

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Introductory Remarks

This article is about the Yamama battle and the preservation of the Qur’an. The early Muslims lost about 450 men who had memorized parts of the Qur’an. In fact, that battle pressed Omar to request a Qur’an collection orders from Abu Bakr, the first Muslim Khalifa. Abu Bakr took over the leadership of the Muslims after the death of Muhammad.

Present day Muslims have grand claims about preserving the Qur’an as it was revealed to Muhammad, letter by letter, and word by word. There are many scholars of Islam who showed that such a claim does not stand critical scrutiny. The current writer had a humble attempt in a three-part article that dealt with the collection of the Qur’an processes from the time of Muhammad until our present day Qur’an.

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To: Allah

Cc: Azhar Grand Imam

From: Ibn Kammuna

Dear Allah, Greeting

I am writing to you because I have to say I am disappointed in your final religion (so you say, but I can’t swear on it).

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It is not uncommon to see someone in the neighborhood, who makes the claim that he/she is a Muslim, and proud of it. Sometimes, I see comments on articles in FaithFreedom.org and Islam Watch website, under the nick “Muslim & Proud”. In this article, I try to understand this statement based on a straightforward look at the basic facts found in the Sirat, Hadith, and Qur’an.

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