After the horrible 9/11 Islamic terrorist incident, the then president George W. Bush declared “Islam is a religion of Peace”. Bush knew what Islam is all about. After all, he studied “Sirat Rasul Allah” and the “Qur’an”. Hadith book volumes are on the main shelve for his daily readings.

Tony Blair, who is on record of saying that he read the Quran every day, also expressed similar remarks on many occasions. It is a fact that Blair is one of a hand-full of experts on Islam in Europe. Refereed Islamic Journals all-over quote his scholarly articles on Islam all the time.

President Barrack Obama is no stranger to Islam either. Once elected, he made sure to go to Egypt quickly and speak of the wonders of Islam!

Well, joking aside, those men are politicians and not honest researchers of Islam. Trusting what you hear from them on Islam is similar to trusting me when I speak of the wonders of the Chinese language (and believe me, I know no Chinese language).

I mention the above events and sayings to express the status of western politics on Islam. There is not much going on about Islam in the main media outlets. Politicians, in general, hungry for Muslims votes, cave in to Islam and do not tell the truth about it, even if they knew it. This reminds me of a parable my late Aunt, God bless her soul, told me. Here is how the story goes:

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom that consisted of a good size town. The king and his wife and his only son lived in a humble mansion at the edge of town. Then came a time when the son took a baby Elephant for a pet. The royal elephant was given a roam-free city. The little baby Elephant was cute and friendly and people fell in love with him. However, baby elephants grow up fast, and, not controlled and trained, they can do a lot of harm.

The Elephant grew big, and with no discipline, he started hurting citizens, destroying shops, ruining gardens and doing many harmful things in the town day in and day out.

People of the town grew impatient, and decided to have a town walk to the kings mansion to object to the presence of the Elephant. On the set date day, all of the town’s people gathered downtown and started their walk to the King’s residence. Edging closer to the King’s mansion, some people became weary of what might happen if the king does not like what he hears. Needless to say people gradually started sneaking out of the walk. Once the walk reached the Kings mansion gate, there was only one man left.

Sure enough, the king came out to see why this man has come to his mansion. The man was tired from the long walk. He looked around and found out he was the only many standing. Once the king asked why he came, the man said:

King, I have come representing the town. The people of this town deserve what they get. They have sent me to let you know that your son’s pet Elephant is lonely. He needs a female Elephant, so they can make a family and have more Elephants. The town people need those Elephants to step on anything that is worthy or decent in this town.”

Here ends the story.

I hope our politicians read this story, discern its meaning, and start daring and showing the ugly face of Islam regardless of the votes count.

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