Jahanshah Rashidian

Islamic concepts of halal, haram and negis are mere rituals of the particular conditions and environment of pre-Islamic primitive Arabia society, which continue to afflict our society.

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Circumcision, or for non-believers "genital mutilation", is one of the most ancient rituals still practised in some societies. Historical background of this old ritual, as to when, who, and why it started is not precisely known. The practice varies from region to region and from epoch to epoch in its total or partial removal of the foreskin/clitoris for both sexes.

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A look into Iran's Islamic constitution and how it impedes Iran's democratic reform...

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Amidst a fomenting popular revolution against the Islamic regime in Iran, a credible secular-democratic front is ungently needed to expedite the overthrow of the Mullah regime and shape the future of Iran...

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In 1936, Reza Shah prohibited the veiling of women in public in Iran. The clergy vigorously protested; women of the mercantile middle class stayed home, refusing to appear „naked” in public. Lower middle class and rural women began to work outside the home, most of them in small textile shops. It is the labour of women and children, with their small fingers, which forms the backbone of the carpet industry in Iran.

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