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Cerebrum123, one of our readers, wrote the following comment, directed at me, on the question of God's existence and his punishments in the afterlife, as projected by monotheistic creeds:

You are an atheist; am I right? The question is: can you be 100% sure that there is no life after death, and no punishment for those, who have rejected their Creator?

I am glad you are out of Islam and this site has been a great resource for me, but can you be certain that the path you have chosen is the truth?

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The holy fasting month in Islam, the Ramadan, starts today. It's a month Muslims claim to be meant for inculcating self-restraint, spirituality and for comprehending the pain of the less fortunate in society. But our author Mirza Ghalib has already told us that for the Saudis, the kins of the holy prophet, Ramadan is a month of fun, frolicking, and indulgence. And historically Ramadan was born as a month of Jihad and the most illustrious Jihad wars of Islam -- from the Battle of Badr to that of Tours (732) to the initiation of Jihad for the independence of Pakistan (1946-47) --- were all conducted in sacred Ramadan. Following two articles in our site would help our new readers understand what Ramadan is all about.

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From India to Nigeria to Norway, Islam is forcing non-Muslims, too, into extremist violence.

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The Dutch Court has cleared the name of Geert Wilders in a highly publicized case for his alleged incitement of hatred against Muslims for his vocal criticism of Islam. The judge Marcel van Oosten accepted the argument of Wilders, leader of the popular Freedom Party, that his statements were directed at Islam, not at the Muslim believers, and ruled it as "acceptable within the context of public debate".

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A new edition of "Islamic Jihad" by author M. A. Khan is now available from Felibri.com. It is cheaper and comes with improved content. All identified linguistic and factual errors in the previous edition have been amended and the content has been improved. It is also more reading-friendly with larger font-size, which was rather small in the previous edition.

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