M. A. Khan

Muhammad went to Medina as a refugee and established the supremacy and rule of Islam through threats of violence, indeed, through mass eviction and slaughter of the Jews. Imam Feisal and his Muslim hordes also came to the West as refugees and are trying to take over through the same tactics.

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The Quran-burning saga ended in a palatable way, achieving its objects best, namely toward creating awareness about vileness of the Quran. This awakening is what is needed for the complete and final downfall of Islam, which would be the greatest service to humanity at our time; and there couldn't be a better memorial than this to the souls of 9/11 victims than our treacherous politicians' sermonizing over their graves about the peacefulness of Islam..

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There was a malicious attempt to disable our Website. As such the site was not infected. Some malicious codes were inserted that gave false alarm of virus/malware, leading to back-listing of the site by search engines.

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Muslim men's sexual attitude is so perverse that they think they can even eye-rape women. While we can't probably ever comprehend how is that possible, but we can discern why they may entertain such perverse thinking...

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The Flotilla campaign was a well-calculated stunt by Turkey's Islamist regime, aimed at political windfall at home and its desire to cut all ties with the ever-hated Jewish state. And it has gone perfect for them.

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