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The influence of the main stream media(MSM) on public opinion cannot be underestimated. In most cases, public opinions are mere reflections of what the public read in the papers, hear on the radio or see on television. The professionalism of the Western media made it a towering institution of journalism and earned it a reputation second to none. It was its impartiality in reporting and its uncompromising pursuit of the truth that built the solid foundations for Western democracy. Regrettably, this is not the case anymore; something happened to the progressive West that prompted the gears to turn backwards towards the dark ages, and not many people notice it. Unfortunately the Western MSM is no more the honest and impartial voice it once was, and it happened at a time when honesty and impartiality are most needed.

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Introductory background

As the Islamization of the Arab World, which kicked off in the 1970s, gathered speed, Arabs were re-educated in a new brand of Islam and a new matching style of Muslim language to go with it. This ‘Islamic language’ is a slightly modified version of the Arabic language with a selective use of Islamic friendly words. Some Arabic words and expressions became blacklisted and deemed inappropriate for the Muslims’ use. Employing the Arabic language in this way serves as a useful tool for Muslims to tell those who are Muslims from those who are not. It also helps to give an idea on how Islamized a person is.

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A few days ago, some Islamic State thugs stormed a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and destroyed its treasures. This action is not peculiar to the Islamic state but is peculiar to Islam. This evil act is not unprecedented in Islamic history, therefore, comes as a no surprise to those who are familiar with Islam. When Mohammed conquered Mecca, the first thing he did was to enter the Ka’aba and destroy all the statues inside, thereby setting his destructive example (sunna) which is being emulated by his followers ever since. “Islam erases the past” Mohammed taught his followers.

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The Western main stream media is sleep walking towards a speedy Islamization of their societies. Many journalists voluntarily chose to do the Islamists’ dirty jobs for them. Many Western journalists increasingly refer to Mohammed as a “prophet’ even though they do not believe he was. They also describe the Quran as ‘holy’ despite they believe it is not. It may look a trivial matter but it is not; in the UK, the media is strictly secular and doesn't refer to a ‘holy’ Jesus or Bible even though the country is traditionally a Christian country. The reasoning behind this twisted judgment is ridiculous. Their argument is that even though the journalists do not believe in Islam, there are people out there who do. Well, there are people out there (many of them Muslims) who believe Hitler was great, based on this rationale, should we refer to Hitler as “the great”?

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Have you ever wondered what does the name of the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram actually means? It literally means: books (boko) are forbidden (haram), in other words: all un-Islamic education is sinful and must be forbidden, which is why the organization targeted school girls.

The irony is that Muslims do not stop bragging that ikra' (meaning read) was the first word of the Quran that was ‘revealed’ to Mohammed. Interestingly, Mohammed actually failed to read at the time, although he later parroted what Archangel Gabriel allegedly told him to say. The Muslims too still fail to read apart from parroting those same old ‘revelations’. Muslim scholars may produce a long list of verses and hadiths that urge Muslims to learn. What they do not say is that all of those verses and hadiths urge Muslims to learn about one thing: Islam.  As a matter of fact, Muslims often say: science is about a verse and a hadith (al ilm aya wa hadith), outside this, it is a waste of time (or mashghala). As a matter of fact, the Arabic word for ‘science in Islamic terminology refers to Islamic learning and the word scientists (ulama) refers to Islamic scholars (the singular is scientist(Alim)).

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