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The Muslim view of morality: Muslims' understanding of morality can be summarized in one sentence: If you do not fear Allah, there is nothing that can stop you from committing crimes. Therefore, morality is the natural result of the fear of Allah, which keeps people disciplined. Those who do not believe in Allah, and those who do not fear him, can commit any sin when the circumstances are right. Consequently, non Muslims are not moral and would commit crimes if they can get away with it. They only fear the penalty of the man made law which is easy to evade, but who can evade Allah? (Read in Bangla)

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muhammad-wives-hafsa-mariaIntroduction: Muslims are aware of Muhammad’s numerous marriages and of his Allah-given privileges to have more wives than the rest of them. They believe that all of those marriages were for good causes like improving relations with certain tribes or helping the women concerned. Muslims also believe that most of Muhammad’s wives were not virgins and too old to be sexually attractive. None of these claims is true; they are purely fabricated excuses not supported by the Quran, sira (Muhammad’s biography) or Islamic history. Until I prepared this article, I believed at least one of Muhammad’s wives was too old for him. I am afraid this claim by Muslims is another big lie; none of Muhammad’s wives was too old and many of them were described as the ‘most beautiful’ in their tribes.

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Muslims are reasonably happy with their fate in the afterlife because, on the judgment day, they do not have to answer Allah’s question: Why you did not believe in Muhammad and his message?

As a young Muslim, I occasionally tested some of my friends and asked them how would they respond if Allah rephrases the question as follows: Why did you believe Muhammad and his claims? Their responses were variable but were always preceded by a period of shock because they never thought of such possibility.

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Allah said, “We have sent down the Quran and surely We will protect” (Quran 15:9). Could he?

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A few months before her tragic death, Princess Diana started dating Dodi Al Fayed, the late son of the Arab billionaire Muhammad Al Fayed. The relationship made the headlines for weeks and was a source of happiness, even pride, to most Arabs. It is very common for Arab men to date white British women, but Diana was a special woman, being a highly celebrated British princess. The Arabs’ happiness was short-lived and turned to anger after the tragic accident. Muhammad Al Fayed and the Arabs in general are still adamant that Diana was pregnant from Dodi, although forensic tests ruled that out.

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