Mumin Salih

From the Middle East to the West, the spectacular advance of Islam is deliberately aided Western politicians.

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When it comes to dealing with others, Islam is in a category of its own. It is a solitary religion designed to annihilate the others, not to coexist with them. Indeed, this is the purpose of Islam as put in the Quran; to clean the world from all the others until the earth and religion are all for Allah. Islam does not only reject foreign ideas but it actively dislikes the others and seeks their destruction. This unique feature of Islam makes its proper implementation dangerous to all, including its own followers.

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Choosing between Sunni or Shia is like choosing between the idiot and the fool; both sects come from the same cult, called Islam.

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As the Arab World falls to the Muslim Brotherhood, the new phase of jihad may look soft, but is just as evil.

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...from the very first day of the Arab Spring, I was sure it was destined to be an Islamic Spring.

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