Mumin Salih

Allah made it clear in the Quran that he sent no miracles with Muhammad, neither in his Quran nor in his hadith. Would this stop Muslims from claiming that there are miracles in the Quran and sunna? I doubt it!

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Muhammad was neither poor nor a man of simplicity...

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Mountains are like pegs, which Allah has thrown or dropped upon the earth to act as stabilizers so as to prevent it from shaking...

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Allah had revealed verse 5:3 of the Quran as a seal to His revelation to Muhammad, but it seems that he had forgotten some more verse that must be to be revealed and he did. A little embarrasment for Allah, but man got to do what man got to do!!!

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Why Allah maintained silence for a month when rumor about Prophet Muhammad's wife Aisha's adultery was brewing, and why He eventually broke His silence to defend Aisha...    [Read in Indonesian]

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