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Most people in the civilized world must have noticed that individuals who convert to Islam, and the ‘Muslims by birth’ who suddenly turn religious, develop new tendencies, such as:

* They turn against culture and life beauties, such as music, paintings, cinema and other arts.
* They adopt a serious life style, with less humor, jokes, laughs and other manifestation of happiness.

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Experts in the UK expressed opinions suggesting that the Quran manuscript of Birmingham may be older than Mohammed.

Historian Tom Holland, one of the most celebrated historians in the UK, told the Times: ‘It destabilizes, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged – and that in turn has implications for the history of Muhammad and the Companions.’

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The discovery of an old artefact is always a welcome addition to our knowledge since it boosts, or modifies, our understanding of history. From this perspective alone, the discovery of the Birmingham manuscript is significant, but there is more to it.

I first learned about the news when the subject came up as I was visiting some friends after the Eid festival. Most in the room praised Allah for sending regular signals to prove to mankind that Islam is the true religion. I had to leave soon, and as I was leaving, I overheard somebody expressing his disappointment at the news because he assumed all along that we already have the original full Quran of Uthman.

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Muslim scholars still claim that the Quran contains numerous scientific miracles. Many Muslims Arabs regard those claims as the most important reason why they accept Islam as the true divine religion.

The term ‘scientific miracle’ is a contradictory expression, just like saying a black white. Science  is based on explanations and calculated results while miracles are unpredictable and unexplainable. However, by claiming the Quran has ‘scientific miracles’, the Muslim scholars only mean that the Quran is correct and in agrees with science. Of course, any book is supposed to be correct but since the Quran is centuries old, Muslims believe it was expected to be wrong, had it been authored by a man.

How did the Issue of scientific miracles come up?

The issue of scientific miracles in the Quran is fairly recent, only about four decades old. There was nothing about this subject in the standard Islamic education as approved by Al Azhar and Arab governments until at least the 1970s. Before that, the Arab Muslims were taught that the Quran has a language miracle, a claim many Arabs didn’t find convincing.


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After 9/11, America discovered that most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia but pretended not to notice anything. Instead of punishing the Saudis, America attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen, the Arabs’ poorest nation, for nearly three months. Yemen’s only fault being its diverse population structure which worked well with them for centuries but the Saudis don’t like it anymore. Tens of thousands have been killed, injured or displaced in the country that didn’t have much to start with. The war on Yemen doesn’t even get reported by the Western media; you have to look hard and search to find something about it.

Saudi Arabia uses the Arab League as a political tool to herd the rest of the Arab states. It asked the Arab League to suspend Syria, a founding member of the league, in an unprecedented move in the history of the organisation. In a similar way, the Saudis use the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which they created, to herd the Islamic world.

It is common knowledge that nearly all terrorist Islamic organisations enjoyed the financial or political support of Saudi Arabia, or both, yet it has never been blamed for it.

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