Nonie Darwish

Another terror arrest in the U.S., this time at Boston: Tarek Mehanna, a Muslim, plotted to attack Shopping Malls to kill large number of Americans. And Muslims are shrilling, reminding the infidels not to link his case to Islamic teaching. He's another misunderstander of Islam.

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How Islamic vigilante justice, which enjoys almost complete impunity in Muslim countries, keeps dissidents and apostates of Islam in submission, which, although help keep the integrity of Islam intact, but creates chaotic society of fear, terror and violence in the Islamic world. Courageous Egyptian lawyer and women’s rights activist Nagla Al Imam's declaration of apostasy is a perfect case in point and what it portends to the West amidst it growing Muslim population...

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How a so-called human rights activist attacks and discredits the new film on stoning in Iran---a plain reproduction of real-life event---as sensationalist and counter-productive....

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