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By plundering others through Jihad raids (razzia) as did the prophet... So suggests a famous Egyptian Imam for solving Egypt's poverty problem.

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As Egyptians are, for the first time, poised to take power into their own hands to do away with dictatorship, will they stop blaming the West for their troubles and make a wise choice for a truly secular-democratic future in friendship with rest of the world???

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The choice in Egypt is not between good and bad, it is between bad and worse. Many in the Muslim world lack the understanding of what is hindering them as well as a lack of a moral and legal foundation for forming a stable democratic political system. I fear that my brothers and sisters in Egypt will embrace extremism...

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A futuristic article on how President Ali Hussein of the Islamic Republic of America lead the 9/11 memorial in the year 2061...

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‘Bridge builder’ Feisal Abdel Rauf of the Ground Zero mosque has been exposed not as a man of goodwill, but as a cunning and calculating stealth jihadist, who supports the creation of an Islamic State, ‘The Ummah’, right here in America.

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