Radhasyam Brahmachari

An account of how Muslims across India are emulating the holy tradition of prophet Muhammad by raping their daughters-in-law.

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A shocking, hearth-rending tale of gruesome honor killing of Muslim women around the world...

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A Muslim cleric in West Bengal, India, strangled his wife to death, tried to sever her head from the body with kitchen-knife, failing which he used his hands and feet to pull her head apart from the body. How could the cleric commit such extreme cruelty? Is Islam at play here?

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Prophet Muhammad, by giving divine legitimacy to polygamy and unbounded concubinage, not only degraded the status of women, but his prohibition of remarriage of his harem-inmates--likely fearing that it would divulge his sexual impotency to other men--also set on a legacy of many tragedies for Muslim women..

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