Radhasyam Brahmachari

The Bhakti movement was born in India in reaction to Muslim atrocities and oppression. Sikhism was one of Hindu cults that sprang up from the Bhakti movement, which earned displeasure and enmity of the Muslim rulers, including the Mughal Emperors, because Sikhism contained an element of militancy to save the Hindus from Muslim atrocities and also taking revenge for the same.

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Islam survives only by maintaining a noble and sacred aura surrounding Muhammad's person and character, which Muslims do via unbridled lying and deception to hide the truths of Muhammad's life and even by terror. When the sacred aura is dismantled through true depiction of Muhammad life in movies, Islam implodes with it... And the countdown to that has started....

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pakistan-terrorized-hindu-girl-women-housewifeMuslims have turned Lebanon, once a Christian-majority nation, into an Islamic state by murdering, converting and driving away the Christians through persecution and terror. In Egypt today, incidents of oppression, torture and murder of Christians, demolishing their businesses and churches, and kidnapping and raping Christian women have become a regular feature. Christians of Nigeria have become the most horrible victims of Islamic jihad in recent years. This should give a clear idea about how the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and other non-Muslim groups would be treated in Islamic countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. Presently, the oppression of the Hindus in Pakistan, abduction of minor girls and forcibly converting them to Islam, raping them or forcibly marrying to Muslim thugs, have become commonplace, attracting the global attention.

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Europe, Christianized via forced conversion of its pre-Christian pagan natives through bloodshed and cruelty in the Middle Ages, is de-Christianizing today -- thanks to science and rational and humanistic thinking. But it is also helping create room for Islam to come forward to occupy the vacuum, which could be catastrophic.

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Islamic Banking is little Islamic, as it is basically twisting of the conventional banking sciences to give an Islamic colour.

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