Radhasyam Brahmachari

Interest-free Islamic banking is suitable only for stagnant economies, while standard banking that pays interest to depositors helps foster a dynamic and grow-oriented economy.

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According to the laws of genetics, offspring born of close-blood couples, such as of first-cousins, would have higher chances of having manifest genetic disorders. This is because close-blood individuals carry similar genetic defects, which are often silent, because each person carries two copies of each gene, and the good copy of the gene complement for the bad copy.

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The practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close-blood relations in the Muslim community across the globe and the low-IQ children such marriages produce is a major cause of the Muslim backwardness globally. Since some 70% of the world 1.5 billion Muslims are conceived of inbreeding, and therefore likely to have low IQ, its impact on the well-being of the Muslim community is undoubtedly huge.

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How close-blood marriages impact the IQ of offspring and a list of genetic diseases it sets off in them...

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Effects of inbreeding and how its widespread practice among Muslims creates Muslim offspring with increased frequency of genetic diseases?

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