Radhasyam Brahmachari

As Muslims increasingly push for establishing Sharia law and Islamic states in the UK, the newly-formed British Freedom Party may help frustrate the Muslim dream and preserve the British polity and culture.

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For female victims of Love Jihad, as if sufferance of coerced conversion and separation from cultural roots and family are not enough, many of them also have to suffer physical abuse and violence, sexual abuse and prostitution, and participation in Jihadi terrorism to the extent that many of them commit suicide.

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Muslims label "Love Jihad" a propaganda to sully the image of Islam. Here's a summary of reported "Love Jihad" activities from India to the UK.

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How the Love Jihad venture, i.e. seducing non-Muslim girls with false love for converting into Islam, operates in India...

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Muslim men's use of love-trap for converting non-Muslim women to Islam for waging "Reproductive Jihad" against infidels.

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