Radhasyam Brahmachari

Allah has a very idiotic concept, as some dishonest scientists make, of our Universe. Therefore, He couldn't be the Creator of the Universe as we know.

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The Big Bang model of creation of the Universe has serious flaws and hence possibility of being proven inaccurate. So, will those, who find accurate description of the Big Bang model in the Quran, agree that the Quran is false and abandon it -- if the Big Bang model is proven wrong and discarded by scientists.

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How some dishonest scientists invent modern science in the Koran???

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Many of us must have watched the Youtube videos under the caption “Mathematical Miracles in Koran”.[1] There are numerous articles by Muslim apologists on the same subject. These videos and articles display how many times certain words are mentioned in the Koran and from these data try to deduct some scientific truths or to pass it as miracles, and hence to claim that the Koran is not manmade but have a divine origin.

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Islamic creed fosters a culture and environment of hatred, violence, plunder and rape -- all sanctified by Allah in the name of sacred Jihad -- causing backwardness to the Muslim community. Yet some Muslims have been able to free themselves from the pernicious impact of Islamic brainwashing and are trying to foster a peaceful and creative worldview amongst Muslims. This offers a ray of hope in the face of Islam's unrelenting assault on humanity and progress of the Muslim community.

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