Radhasyam Brahmachari

Unfair, undemocratic and nonsecular privileges and concessions to Muslims are turning India into a de facto Islamic State, where Muslims, despite being the minority, enjoy elevated status and privileges, generally offered under typical Islamic governance.

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Australia is undergoing steady Islamization, the latest being the demand for Sharia law by president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

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Given the Trinamool Congress party's past record of Muslim appeasement and unjustified support to Muslim demands, and their connivance of Muslim violence and atrocities, things may get worse for the Hindus of West Bengal, already under distress in Muslim-dominated areas, as Trinamool Congress prepares to form the next government displacing the 34-year Marxist rule.

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Acquittal of five of the six men convicted in the famous 2002 Mukktar Mai gang-rape case in Pakistan has raised renewed threats on her life.

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Muslims sprayed a Hindu temple in Auburn Australia and struck terror into the hearts of Hindu devotees as their usual pattern of action in Islamizing the West...

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