Radhasyam Brahmachari

A group of Iranian intellectuals, writers, thinkers, poets, artists and academicians issued a call to Iranians, asking them to leave Islam. They should heed the call and return to their glorious past and legacy of great humanitarians, like Cyrus the Great, as was dreamt by Ferdowsi.

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One is left to wonder: why so many intellectuals, despite knowing the barbarism inherent in the Islamic creed, glorify Islam and Muhammad?

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A pip into the unknown saga of Muslim enslavement of Europeans in North Africa...

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Everybody is aware of the European slave-trade, but little about the much longer, widespread, and brutal practice of slavery in the Muslim world, which was started by Prophet Muhammad himself.

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In Islam, women are a slave-like entity to obey and serve men. So, wasteful, and even risky, to educate and enlighten them, lest they defy men.

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