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Yes, they certainly will! That is not my opinion, but that of Bogeyman Allah who has prescribed severe punishment for the Moderate Muslims.

Out of various species of Muslims, Moderate Muslims are extremely vulnerable to two diametrically opposed fates: (1) they have the potential to become ex-Muslims but (2) they may also regress into fold of “real Muslims” and end up driving the next car-bomb or wearing the latest Islamic fashion – the suicide vest.

More importantly, they live in a world of duplicity.

After a dinner party, whilst having a friendly discussion, one of the invitees brought an issue of another community member. He disgracefully informed us how inhuman this guy is! The guy he was talking about is also a Moderate Muslim, and he not only drinks, he also beats his wife. In the vociferous guest’s opinion, drinking and beating one’s wife are the two most heinous acts a man can do. It will be worth mentioning here that a very few Moderate Muslims are the exception and they do drink occasionally. According to Quran 2:219, drinking alcohol is a great sin and Quran 4:34 clearly allows a man to beat his wife. And the beating is not “light” or otherwise ‘toned down’ as some translations give the verse, in such translations the translators’ have inserted their words into the translation. Put another way, the original Arabic simply says “beat them” – with no restriction whatsoever.  In fact Quran 38:44 demonstrates how a man should take a “green branch” and beat the hell out of his wife. Logically, an honest Muslim may scold another Muslim for drinking alcohol, but must praise the beating of a wife. When he does not, he is a hypocrite.

If we pick verses from the Quran randomly and compare which verse a Moderate Muslim follows and which does not, we will discover that all Moderate Muslims have the same mindset as the troubled guest just mentioned.

Let’s compare two verses from Quran in regards to eating pork, and enjoying a slave woman. Four verses of the Quran 2:173, 5:03, 6:145 and 16:115 prohibit eating pork, but three of them allow eating pork in case of necessity (or “Darura” in Arabic). However, no Muslim would dare to touch pork, much less eat it. A Muslim man can enjoy a slave woman he owns without any restriction and it has been clearly dictated in Quran 4:24 and 23:6. Let’s imagine for a second, a Moderate Muslim man’s wife and his married daughter are taken as captives. Quran 4:24 is very explicit about having sex with a married captive woman as the captor may enjoy the captive woman even she has a husband. What should the Muslim man do in this situation? Should not he praise Allah and ask him to give more strength to the captor of his wife and daughter, so that the captor can enjoy the captives? Reality is that he would never touch pork but go against the Quranic verse of enjoying a slave woman. This is hypocrisy.

Quran 2:275 and 3:130 forbid taking Riba (interest) on money. Some translators of Quran used the word “Usury” to describe the original Arabic word “Riba”. Most moderate Muslims happily pay interest on various loans and accept profits from the stock market and thus assume that they are not guilty of accepting/paying “riba” either. However, “Riba” means “to excess/increase”. In other words, any interest on a loan or a debt is considered “Riba” and thus prohibited in Islam.  Guess what, Moderate Muslims are up to their necks on this interest business. This special type of Muslims is very fond of giving charity because in some places in the Quran, such as 2:43, 5:55, Allah orders Muslims to help the poor. They strictly follow the Quranic order of giving charity but fail to comply with the verses on interest.

Polygamy is a much hated subject among the Moderate Muslims. Although, it is decreed in Quran 4:30 and practiced by the real Muslims, Moderate Muslims rarely get involved in having four wives. Allah not only allowed a man to have four wives, he also realizes that treating four wives equally would be a tough job. Hence, he explained in Quran 4:129 that if a man fails to treat his four wives evenly, Allah would forgive him as long as he tried. Yet Moderate Muslims don’t have the guts to marry more than one, and in fact, frown when someone goes in for a wedding spree. On the contrary, Moderate Muslims are very strict on marrying a polytheist woman because Quran 2:221 forbids a Muslim man to marry a polytheist woman. Just another example of hypocrisy!

What about praying? Most Moderate Muslims don’t pray the five-a-day mandated prayers, but because of several Quranic injunctions, such as 2:43, 20:14 and 29:45, they feel obligated to pray – a bit. If they don’t, a guilty conscience bothers them. However, when they get older, they religiously rub their foreheads on the ground while raise their rear ends five times a day. How about chopping a thief’s hands? Quran 5:38 unequivocally orders to chop off the right hand of a thief, be it is a male or female. Although somewhat irrelevant in this discussion, stealing is a serious offense in Islam but robbing is not – Mohammed’s only source of income was looting and robbing other tribes. Anyway, almost all Moderate Muslim will disagree with the notion of “Chop a hand” punishment although real Muslims cheerfully carry this punishment out today – when they are able to.

Most moderate Muslims like to eat halal food and those who do not get a chance to eat the halal food, they show utmost respect to those who do eat halal.  According to Quran 6:118 and some other verses, Allah’s name must be invoked when the animals are slaughtered. Slitting the throat of an animal with a sharpened knife may seem cruel to many normal human being but that and the recitation of Allah’s name is how a Muslim’s food become halal. When Moderate Muslims show so much respect for the Quranic verse 6:118, they deliberately ignore another Quranic verse 8:39. This verse mandates all Muslims to keep fighting until Islam becomes the religion for everyone in this world. This is not the only verse that talks about such enforcement, there are about 109 verses that require a Muslim to pull a sword, go after the non-Muslims and convert them to Islam.

The list of Moderate Muslims’ duplicity will be a long one if more examples from Quran and Ahadith are added. Whereas, Moderate Muslims’ double-standard lack integrity, it is comforting for non-Muslims. Comforting because complying with all Quranic verses will convert a Moderate Muslims into a Jihadist. You are looking at 1.2 billion suicide bombers.

Accepting a part of the Quran and denying many verses is not a good option for the Moderate Muslims and it will be extremely injurious to their health. All-naughty Allah prescribes in verse 2:85: “Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest?Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment”. In other words, Moderate Muslims will suffer in this world and hereafter. Their body parts will be chopped, grilled and served to the real Muslims as MoBurger.

Considering the current situation of the Moderate Muslims, they really have two choices. They can either become real Muslims like Osama bin Leprechaun, or leave Islam, and join the humanity.

Beyond doubt, the latter is better.