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women would fill up the islamic hell
Islamic Hell: It's a women's world

As per reader's request for re-posting Syed Kamran Mirza's old articles on Islamic Heaven and Hell for the new readers, the second article on "Islamic Hell" is posted here.

Allah: (1) "The sinners will be known by their marks; and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet… In its midst and in the midst of boiling hot water will they wander round!" (Q 55:41-44); (2) "…Verily the tree of Zaqqum will be the food of the Sinful, Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides. A voice will cry: "Seize ye him and drag him into the midst of the Blazing Fire! "Then pour over his head the Penalty of Boiling Water…" (Q44:40); (3) "…Ye will surely taste of the Tree of Zaqqum. "Then will ye fill your insides therewith,: "And drink Boiling Water on top of it…" (Q 56:51-56)

Muhammad: (1) Majority in hell are women because they are ungrateful to their husbands. Allah permitted the hellfire to take two breaths—that is the reason for severe heat and a bitter cold in weather [Shubahanallah!!!] (Bukhari 1.2.28, 4.54.482,512…); (2) Muhammad’s father will be in hellfire; so will be all the unbelievers. Even if you feed the poor and be generous you will go to hell if you do not become a Muslim. Your feet will taste hellfire if you do not wash them during ablution. A believer’s father who is not a Muslim will be in hell; so is the case for Muhammad’s parents. (Sahi Muslim 1.0398…)

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