In addition to engaging in what is generally described as "anti-Semitism" -- usually illegal in Germany -- this Muslim man teaching Islamic supremacy to his all-Muslim class in Germany also suggest: every other book in the world except the Quran should be "burned" in his following claim:


"Allah sent the Quran for all mankind... the Quran is the last update for all people on the earth down to the last one.... And the Quran abrogates all previous books, cancels all previous books."

As I and many others have stated, it's not the actually burning of the Koran that offends Muslims - it's the "insult" to their "holy book." The Saudis and others burn thousands of copies of the Koran every year - why are there no violent protests against them? Banning the burning of the Koran is the thin wedge-edge of forbidding any "insult" to the Koran, Mohammed and the Arab tribal god Allah. This ban constitutes Islamic or sharia law. Under such a ban, we would lose our freedoms in countless ways and would essentially be second-class (subhuman) dhimmis or forced converts to Islam.

This Muslim teacher has no respect for any other book, when he claims the Koran abrogates or cancels all books other than the Koran. As in the slang expression used when someone disrespects another person, "You've been burned!," this man is basically "burning" all other books. The way things are looking, he'll probably get a pass - and some more government funding.

The question is, do you want this Islamic supremacy taught in your public schools?

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