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Ms. Tahira Hayat (27) and Mr. Saeed Hussain (29) from Azad Kashmir in Pakistan – who were in love and married before the First Class Magistrate in a civil court of Rawalpindi on January 26, 2012 – have been threatened by members of the Jihadi and banned terrorist groups for taking an un-Islamic course for marriage. It has been declared that they are liable to be killed wherever they are seen.

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Recently, authorities in Gazipur district cancelled, without any prior notice, the permission for holding the 87th Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, Bangladesh -- a Muslim religious sect, having conflicting identity with the majority Muslims.

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The United Nations charter says human rights are universal, but Islamic countries not only violate the charter most grossly, but are also trying to undermine it by subjugating it to what is permitted by Sharia...

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Why adultery, one's 'democratic right to love', is needed to be dealt with reason, not brutality...

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Bangladesh ruling party activists are trying to evict a Christian family at Dhaka. The family came gurfire attack on October 22 evening. When drawn attention of the Home Minister to the incident, she denied existence of any persecution of minoritiies in Bangladesh, and refused to take any action regarding the case.

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