Bill Warner

After a murderous jihad at Fort Hood or the Christmas day airplane bombing attempt, did you hear: "Of course, not all Muslims are bad?" That brings up the question of how do you even tell if a Muslim is bad? Or good?

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Many well-meaning Westerners and infidels tell us that Islam is just an ancient religion with outdated ethical concepts like many others, or that Islamic scriptures contain violence passages as does other scriptures. Why such judgement is fallacious and what it entails to the future of our civilization???

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The backwardness or failure of the Muslim world --- whether in knowledge and science, in politics and governance, or in development and human rights --- are nothing but the fruits of Islam.

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How Islamists twist facts to present horrors of Islam as benign...

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In an interview on his book, Islamic Jihad, with well-known scholar of Islam, Bill Warner, author M. A. Khan talks about his mission of fighting Islamic radicalism: why the battle against radical Islam is not succeeding, and what is needed to fight this battle once and for all...