Lennard James

Muhammad’s bizarre beliefs regarding dogs that set in a tragic legacy that continues till today. As per Muhammad’s absurd beliefs, now part and parcel of established Islamic dogma, Muslims, who intend to obey Muhammad and the Sharia’h, must kill their dogs...

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How the so-called moderate Muslims are part of the problem of Islamic extremism and terrorism...

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Why barbaric and degrading practices such as veiling of Muslim women or their genital mutilation is not simply cultural, but Islamic too.

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Sexually violated women in Pakistan are not only denied justice but also made to bear all the consequences of the same crime, thanks to society's strange attitude, the law, the media, government, and what not.

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Muslims claim that Islam (Quran & Hadith) is the perfect guide to mankind, which, if followed to the point, will land one in paradise after death, one's sole of aim of life on earth. In case you are wondering what's so special about the Quran and hadith---they are indeed special. Find out in this essay.

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