Lennard James

For thousands of years, the world has been in an almost constant state of religious tension, dispute and violence. During this time, humanity has been hit by a continual wave of religious fanaticism that enslaves the body, mind and soul of man to a heinous and oppressive ideology. This psychology, however unfortunate, is obviously innate to the human mind.

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Muslims created Pakistan in 1947 fearing that the majority Hindus would not let them live in peace, honor and dignity. Today, it's proven beyond doubt that it is Muslims, who have not let non-Muslims, including Hindus, live in peace and dignity---thanks to the Islamic mantra: Thou shall not live in peace and harmony.

How oil-revenue-funded charities reach out to hungry Muslim masses and refugees, such as in Pakistan, to freely preach their viciously extremist and women-subjugating doctrines to shape a hell-hole upon earth for civilized people, and, most notably, for women...

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What is needed when religious extremism wages a global 'holy war' of extermination of those who think hold a different worldview.

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A moving account of the horror Muslim women suffer in countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan...

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