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An erudite Islamic scholar explains why!


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A medical doctor, belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya community, has been arrested on charges of blasphemy in Pakistan for discarding a name-card of a medical sales representative into the dustbin. Reason: the sales rep. had "Muhammad" as part of his name on it. Can absurdity and lunacy get any better?

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By exhuming the body of a little Hindu girl, one year after her burial, to assuage the Muslim rage...

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One the question of abrogation: Does God abrogates; can God change his decrees?

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Sri Lankan house maid L.T. Ariyawathi, who returned from Saudi Arabia with 24 nails inside her body, talks to a nurse while receiving treatment at a hospital in Batticoloa. The maid, L.T. Ariyawathi, 49, alleged that her Saudi employer had tortured her and drove nails into her body as punishment.

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