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Amidst rising anti-Semitism and scapegoating of the Jews worldwide, and as the current Iranian Islamist regime prepares to annihilate Israel and cause another Holocaust of the Jews, Amil Imani, an Iranian, stands out as a conscientious supporter of the Jews and Israel.

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The long-suffered indigenous non-Muslim Jumma people of hilly region of Southern Bangladesh recently came under new attack by Muslim settlers and the army, killing unknown number of indigenous villagers and burning their houses to ashes...

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Hero worship of individuals, as occurs under fascistic and dictarorial regimes, also fosters a culture, where human rights and freedom are least regarded. It's no wonder that in countries where Muhammad, a fascistic dictator, is hero-worshipped, human rights and freedom are least valued...

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What will BBC broadcaste in forty years from now? Will it still be: "This is London" or "This is Londonistan"? Will it bring us hope or signal the values of Mecca and Medina?

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But with a good end: although the girl had to convert to Islam, reluctantly, to marry her love, the boy eventually left Islam....

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