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How Islam works and is working, right now, in its quest to world domination...

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Because he has the potential to deal with Europe's Islamic challenge and change the course of its history...

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These are great Indian personalities of the past, revered by all Indians. Had they said the same thing about Islam that they had said then, they would never be considered great Indians, but probably curse to India...

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Muslims say Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God, but the same Muslims would put sword at the throat of Christians for uttering the word "Allah" in their worship...

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It was the night before Christmas and Muhammad was confused.
Should Muslims have fun holidays like the Christians and Jews?
Eight days of Hanukkah or a fat Jinn in a red suit,
Who used reindeers not camels to carry his loot?
And what kind of presents would Muhammad think best?
Barbies in burkas and suicide vests?

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