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Turkey is the much-touted outpost of secular-democracy in the Islamic world. It has been a common exercise for Islamic apologists to refer to Turkey as an example to Islam's compatibility with secular-democracy against those, who argue that Islam is incomptaible with democracy and in a cultural or civilizational clash with the rest of humanity. It's seems those apologists are headed to a dead-end.

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A JAG officer, who had a close shove with the Fort Hood shooter, gave this eyewitness account of what transpired during the shooting spree at the Texas Army base.

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Unless it is correctly recognized that Islam is not simply a religion, but also a complete civilization, we risk losing our own to Muslims....

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Geert Wilders' great speech at the Columbia University...

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Muslim creationist, cult leader, Dawkins' nemesis, and messiah. Halil Arda tracks down the real Harun Yahya.

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