A letter from a school teacher, describing how Islam is changing and distressing life in the UK.

Islam will dominate world

As a primary school teacher we are told in the UK to celebrate cultural diversity. We lauded multiculturalism in our society in the recent past and in our schools we put our own cultural traditions on the back burner in order not to offend. Out went nativity plays and in came winter festivals, no making of Easter cards drawing pictures of Easter bunnies, no art classes drawing your friends face, in came halal meat for school dinners without asking all parents. Boys and girls are to sit apart. No changing for PE for girls. No mixed swimming lessons. No admiring of the teachers litter of tiny puppies. No stroking the guide dog, who came in with the blind man who gave the class a talk. No after school activities. Little girls cocooned in nicabs and hijabs, quiet and demure, and as I have discovered with sore welts on their backs for not making prayers correctly. One such little child with welts on her back disclosed to me that her brother 13yrs had also been badly beaten and sent away to relatives in another city so as not to have the acts discovered. He was not in his local secondary school at the time of disclosure.

(Check out www.Islam.net and believe these things are part and parcel of the faith). We have difficulty in undressing these children and finding the injuries, the girls are particularly too well wrapped and we cannot- because of their religion - expose their bodies to see the damage.

In the UK schooling is inclusive. Recently an autistic child in my class tore a New Testament belonging to an Afro Caribbean child who valued it greatly, we appeased him and told him we would replace it... had this been a Koran our problems would have only just begun.

This brand of Islam we are seeing today is a vile culture. I am not sure whether their prophet Mohammed would ever have expected matters to turn out like this since much of what these people perpetrate was never written into the Koran, but conversely much of what was has no place in a modern society. E.G Pigs don’t carry disease and dogs don’t have rabies its all well out of date.

But many of these people from impoverished Arab parts and parts of the Indian subcontinent have moved from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century. The adults failed to master our language - they get no further than being a taxi driver or a waiter in many cases and the women seldom venture out or are able to access any services, they just don’t function in our society, they don’t learn English and cant even go to the doctor on their own. These people deny their children chances.

We have to ask why these people come here...and they want Sharia Law they want to install Islamification in our towns and cities. We gave enough. We must stop extremism, we must stop the beating of children and wives. We must support young people living under stress and in danger because they want their own lives. We should prevent radicalisation of young people which starts with parents and Imams not the Internet - that comes later. We must protect women who are being battered and provide safe places. We should ban Islamic dress, nicabs and hijabs in schools as the French have already done for pupils and staff. No person in public office should dress like this or wear any form of overt religious apparal. School uniform should be enforced for pupils.

The killing of animals by halal slaughter methods for many British indigenous people is abhorrent and it should not be served as a preference to unsuspecting diners in government institutions such as schools and hospitals.

If Muslims want to live in this country they should abide by our laws not us by theirs. I know that there are indeed educated Muslims in our society - they may be doctors, news reporters and lawyers. I'm not sure how they square with the firebrands and illiterates. It seems a very uncompromising religion but then there are shades also within Christianity. My view is that none of it - any religion, has any place in our modern age, we should kick it into history and start to resolve our problems in a educated, reasoned way but there does indeed appear to be a revivalism in Islam that is unhealthy and dangerous and in Britain we do not want it. Unfortunately too much attention also breeds nuts like Fascists as we have seen in Norway recently... sadly I only noted from the young people killed in Norway most of the young people of Arabic descent were trying to be good Norwegians of the future...I didn’t see a hijab among them. I don’t think anyone objects to moderation and that is what we have to encourage.

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