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Do you Australian infidels know that you might be paying another extra tax – an Islamic religious tax when you buy products from shops and supermarkets? Do you want to make more informed choices about the products you buy?

halal tax

Halal Choices ( is all about giving consumers correct information so they can make informed decisions about the food products they purchase.

You may be aware that despite the fact that less than 2% of Australia’s population is Muslim, there is a current trend towards companies paying fees to have their product halal certified. This is happening all over the world.

Halal simply means lawful or permissible and this can be applied to food, finances and clothing among other things. Nowhere in the Koran or the Hadiths does it mention that food must have certification for it to be halal. Certification involves religious rituals and taxes that are unnecessary for the majority of Australians. We have also discovered that MANY products which are already halal (permissible) are subject to this fee – in many cases it is equivalent to extortion! Items that are already halal such as honey, white milk, nuts, fruit in its own juice and the list goes on are paying this dhimmitude tax (jizya).

Unfortunately there is no law that makes companies put this information on their labels so consumers may not even be aware that they are paying this dhimmitude tax. On you will find a list of companies and brands that are paying this certification tax, many of whom are not displaying the information on their labels. You will also find a list of companies and brands that are not halal certified. Our aim is provide consumers with the correct information so they can confidently make an informed decision as to where their money goes.

On the website you will find a more comprehensive explanation about halal itself, Sharia Law which stipulates what is halal, as well as the lists of brands. There are also many links to examples of Sharia Law in Australia and around the world. As you are aware it has been proven that some halal certification schemes raise funds for terrorists groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

A handy pocket size shopping guide is also available for purchase. Additionally there is an action page for people who would like to see labelling laws changed and to inform politicians and companies about what they think.

I hope you may be able to share this exciting news with your readers/members to ensure all consumers have the opportunity to make their own decisions about how to spend their incomes.