Saleem Smith

Muslims love to claim that Islam has granted women equal rights. Sadly, this is not true. The Quran states several times that women deserve less rights than those enjoyed by men.

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There are many good people amongst Muslims. It has been emphasized in Part 1 of this series that these personally honorable Muslims are ironically the worst of Muslims; for, they give a bad religion a good name and aid its continuation. Those Muslims—who act as Imams and Islamic "academics", thus, working to further the goals of this fundamentally unjust, inherently violent, and highly intolerant religion—do a greater harm to humanity.

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Master Muhammad seemed to fear and hate certain snakes, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, pigs, crows, scorpions, etc. The guy was a pretty messed-up dude---I’m guessing…

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Ironically, honorable Muslims are the worst Muslims; for, they give a bad religion a good name and aid in its continuation. The survival of Islam would be a terrible calamity to befall humanity. These harsh statements are hard facts that the 'good Muslim' ought to consider deeply. This series of articles will attempt to shed light on this reality.   [read in Bangla]

When non-Muslims, particularly Westerners, hear the news of Islamists burning/vandalizing music stores in Pakistan, they get struck with disbelief. How could this be possibly true a religion prohibit music? Here's what Islam truly says about music...