There is no such thing as a good Muslim. It's a contradiction in terms. There are good people who call themselves Muslims, but there are no good Muslims. Islam is a cruel and dangerous religion that pits Muslim against non-Muslim in an eternal battle. Muslims should be ashamed of their demented prophet and dump his cult of death.

Muhammad’s perverse creed must be abandoned if the human race is to live in peace with one another and survive into the next century. The so-called ‘good Muslims’, especially the educated ones, who currently call themselves Muslims, ought to do the right thing and cut all ties with the religion whilst it is safe for them to do so.

Without doubt, Muhammad was a murderous mad man, who created an exceptionally violent and exceedingly cruel religion. Many Muslims are aware of this basic fact but are fearful of leaving the religion for a wide variety of reasons. This is understandable due to the fact that the penalty for someone, who chooses to leave Islam, is death. Muhammad was a truly wicked and insane man behind the façade of his public image. Islam is a religion of fear and empty promises that leads to nothing short of definite collective disaster.

With the passage of time, people of conscience—the good people who currently call themselves Muslims—will likely have the opportunity to leave Islam behind them should they choose to do so. These above-mentioned folks ought to be preparing themselves to leave Muhammad’s cult of Islam. If the integrity and future of such people means anything to them, they will safely do so when opportunity arises.

It is crucial that both the apostates of Islam and non-Muslims summon their courage and join this great cause to help put an end to the evil ideology, known as the Islamic religion. A greater calling one will never find. Islam needs to be, and will be, thrown into the dustbin of history as nothing more than another dark chapter of mankind’s evolutionary past and spiritual development. Although Muslims are still stuck in denial, everyday more and more of them are discovering the terrible truth about Islam, and wishing that they could leave it. It is fear and false beliefs that keep people stick to Islam.

Muslims, who stay in Islam and attempt to promote it knowing what they now surely know about it, are the lowest of human beings. Muhammad was a very sick man, or a beast if you prefer to call him. Child molestation is one of the worst of crimes. Muhammad, at the age of 52, married little 6 year old Aisha and began having sex with her when she reached the age of 9. Muhammad’s behavior cannot be justified by Muslims regardless ‘of the context’. Muhammad would be prosecuted for his crime and thrown in prison, if he were alive today. 

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88:

Narrated 'Ursa:

The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

And this is supposed to be the messenger of god and an example for all people to follow for all times?

Wake up and get real, Muslims. Islam was nothing more that Muhammad’s ‘ticket to the good life’. Muhammad lied to people in order to get what he wanted. He made the whole thing up. He was such a good liar because he was so thoroughly insane. Muhammad simply created a new religion by rewriting the religious stories of Judaism and Christianity and combining them with Arabian folklore and other traditions. It is also likely that Muhammad’s followers attempted to improve his religion after his death—an impossible task that has failed horribly as one can plainly see.

One can only appeal to the honesty and decency of Muslims and hope that once they learn the truth about Muhammad and his Islam, they will leave it, and do their part to help put an end to it. Tragically, the brainwashing process of Islamic indoctrination has left many Muslims far too ignorant and arrogant even to consider whether the claims of Muhammad’s Islam are in fact true or false. Many will go to their graves with sword in hand and hatred in heart and head, certain that Muhammad’s promise of paradise is waiting for them. The peaceful Muslims are no better, for they unwittingly give ‘good name’ to a ‘very bad religion’, and aid its survival. Neither of them will find gifts of virgins or rivers of flowing wine waiting for them on the other side, much to their surprise.

I came across a brilliant quote the other day. It read something along the lines of: The world must put the Islamic source material (The Quran, Hadiths and Muhammad) on trial. The foundation or source of Islamic fanaticism is right there in these source materials. By simply exposing them to public scrutiny we can undermine the entire religion and return it to the world of dangerous fiction that it is.


Muhammad was simply a mad man, who claimed to be a messenger from god. He egged on his followers to wage war, and rob those, who would not believe his claims of prophethood, and to bring the spoils (Islamic booty) to him. Muhammad straight-up used his followers. It is an insult to one’s intelligence to be told that one is to believe in the 21st century that Muhammad was ‘the perfect man’, deserving of veneration. Only a liar or a nutcase could go on believing such hogwash. Muhammad was a criminally insane charlatan. Whatever kind or just thing Muhammad said or did, he did so out of a desire to personally benefit from it. Muslims should be embarrassed and ashamed to call themselves Muslims; they should be planning to leave Islam when it is safe for them to do so.

It is now becoming clear to many educated and informed Muslims that Islam is incapable of being reformed, and they are considering leaving it. One need only look to the Islamic nations that strictly adhere to Islamic dictates to understand that Islam, in practice, is a recipe for disaster. For, as any ‘true believer’ will tell you, a Muslim must conform to all of what Muhammad said both in the personal and political spheres of life. To understate it greatly, this causes immense problems. The whole premise of Islam is transparently false. Muhammad was not the messenger of God and Islam is not a religion of peace. Muhammad was a marauding butcher who created a horrendously unjust religion. It is not possible that god is that cruel. 

The real tragedy is the fact that the ‘good Muslims’ actually believe what they themselves are saying about Islam. So, in their own minds, they are not really lying, they are simply ignorant of their own religion, and not concerned with matters of accuracy. It is fear of hellfire and hopes of gaining paradise that prevent such Muslims from understanding the fact that the early, peaceful passages in the Quran are abrogated by the later passages that call for mandated injustice towards, and eternal warfare against, those who will not submit to Islam. Those human beings who continue to stay in Islam knowing the terrible truth about it are not human beings deserving of respect.

--- The End ---


Saleem Smith is a Canadian Ex-Muslim. He has his own site in which he expresses his views on Islam and other issues

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