Islam claims that Allah sent 124,000 prophets, while Allah claims in the Quran that He sent prophets to every people on earth. Yet, Allah mentions the names of only 25 prophets, some of them Jewish kings and warlords, and all of them sent to people only...


Born in a very religious family, when I was 7, I was forced by my father to pray. In that age, I didn’t felt a burden to do that. Yet, I loved it, because I was bribed by my father with a lot of chocolates. It is a pride to a father, who lives in the Muslim community, to show how devout and superior his family members are in religious activities. And to get more favors and rewards from my very religious father, I use to spend more and more time in the mosque, compared to my other brothers.

Spending time in the mosque gave me the opportunity to listen to more and more Islamic speeches and discussions. Sometimes, I heard things which were very hard to accept by an intelligent person like me. I never failed to ask questions where I had doubts to those clerics, who made such statements. Sometimes, I received the answer: “Allah knows best”; many times, I was silenced with scolding.


We are told that Allah created Muhammad’s “Noor” (Refulgence or Brightness) before creating Aadam (Adam) and kept with Him safely, until He sent all his 124,000 Prophets to this world. So, the readers can imagine the age of Allah’s most beloved Prophet Muhammad, who was created before Aadam and sent to this world as the last prophet, after sending all 124,000 Prophets. The clerics further said that Aadam, Nooh and few other Prophets lived hundreds of years in this world. According to Islamic belief, Jesus did not die and is still alive. So Jesus is living a very long life. Allah should have allowed His beloved Prophet Muhammad, the best one, to live in this world longer than all of His Prophets. Whereas, Allah “Loves” Muhammad so much that He couldn’t live alone without Muhammad and called him back to Himself within 63 years. The answer here was again “Allah knew best” the serious consequences, if He allowed Muhammad, the “passionate”, to live in this world for few more years.


Old Testament
Quran: Allah copied from
Old Testament

Out of 124,000 Prophets claimed in Islam, Allah has mentioned the names of only 25 of them in His Qur’an. When I asked my Imaam about it, he replied that mentioning the names of 124,000 Prophets will be no use for the people, and it will make the Book, the Quran, heavier. So, Allah wants to make things easier for His slaves. As a small boy, I was very much satisfied by his answer. I didn’t then realize the stupidity of Allah’s sending 124,000 prophets to set His own creation on the path of righteous. I wasn’t mature enough to think that, instead of engaging in such foolish act, He could have achieved this simply by snapping His fingers had He been omnipotent. Allah says in his Quran,

“Some Nabees’ names not mentioned” (Al-Moomin 40:78)

It is not “Some”. Allah only mentioned the names of 0.02% of His Nabees and forgot to mention the names of 99.98% of them.

“Every people we have sent guidance.” (Al-Raadh 13:7)

If it is so, who are they? What are their scriptures? Where did they live?


The answer is very simple, because it is not written in the Bible, which is the main source of Muhammad’s Qur’an. Though Muhammad copied different things from various religions, he particularly loved and copied vast portions, with slight changes, due to his ignorance, from the Old Testament. All 25 names of the Prophets mentioned in Muhammad’s Quran are the names of Jewish leaders and kings mentioned in the Old Testament, except the name of Muhammad. Allah loves Israel, Israelites and their Prophets, because of its neighborhood with Arabia. So, He sent all known Prophets to Israel, rather than to India or China. As one of the desert cameleer, Allah’s geographical knowledge was so poor that he could not remember the land area that he created other than the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia and its neighborhoods.


Allah says “Every people have been sent (Prophet) guidance”, but forgot to mention a single name of those Prophets and those peoples. Instead, He repeated the names of the Biblical Prophets, sent the one people, the Israelites only. He also repeated their stories several times, which would definitely make anyone, reading the Quran, bored. The followings are the names of some of the Biblical Prophets, whose names are repeated dozens of times in Muhammad’s Quran: Aadam (25 times), Nooh (43 times), Ibr’ahim (69 times), Loot (27 times), Yusuf (27 times), Haroon (20 times), Eisaa (25 times) and Moosa (136 times).

Shahaada of Islam never mentioned in Quran
Shahaada Not mentioned in Quran


Muslim clerics usually deceive Muslims by saying that the Qur’an gives answer to our every single question. But the fact is: the Quran couldn’t able to solve its own problems; instead, it creates lot of doubts on its veracity. It is amazing to know that many very important practices of Islam are not mentioned in the Qur’an. It is a challenge to the Muslim apologists to show to their victimized, poor fellow Muslims, the following verses – word by word – in the Quran.

1. The very important testimony, the first pillar of Islam; the “Shahadaa” of Islam that any new convert from other religion to Islam must say is “Laa ilaahaa illallah; Muhammadur rasullallah”, which means “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”, is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an. The only thing mentioned several times is: “There is not God save Allah” (Quran 6:102, 6:106, 2:163), but Muhammad is never linked to this.

2. The second and very important pillar of Islam that Muslims are wasting their lifetime on “Head Banging”; the “five times” prayers a day, is not mentioned once in the Quran.

Islamic male-circumcision
Quran Never mentions Male Circumcision universally
practised in Islam

3. It is compulsory among all Muslims to circumcise their males. This unique practice is also never mentioned in the Quran, but plagiarized from the Old Testament.


These are the very few absurdities out of hundreds in the Quran. If Allah authored the Quran, then how come He forgets to mention these very important duties in it, but repeats the unnecessary stories of Moosa 136 times?

If Muhammad have authored the Quran, then why he cared so much to repeat Ibr’ahim’s name 69 times and forgot to mention once the “Shahaadaa”?

When both the supposed authors Allah and Muhammad have ignored these most important issues, then who authored the Quran? Or who implemented the practices of Shahaada, 5 times prayers, circumcision etc. on Islam’s poor victims, the Muslims? Were they the “THE RIGHTLY GUIDED CALIPHS”?

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